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Dana Point Youth Baseball team members, parents, administrators and coaches united off the field to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in their community.

In mid-March when Orange County announced its shelter-in-place directive, the league ceased all operations. But the team found a way to help others in need with the extra free time.

Dana Point Sanitizer Community Solutions

Isaak Divel helps fill hand-size bottles with hand sanitizer. Photo: Courtesy of DPYB

“As basic cleaning items and other living necessities began to disappear from store shelves, the team decided to find a way to get hand sanitizer to the people who needed it most–local seniors,” said Dana Kislig, President of DPYB. “They purchased hand sanitizer by the gallon–even a 50-gallon drum– and scrambled to find and purchase wholesale small plastic bottles from multiple sources.

Eighty gallons of hand sanitizer and 6,500 2-3 ounce plastic bottles later, the team will begin to distribute the fruits of their labor on Monday, April 6. They will deliver to homebound seniors, and will work with the City of Dana Point for bulk distribution.

Teammates, families and coaches all helped to provide handsanitizer to the Dana Point community. Photo: Courtesy of DPYB

“Seems as if life is throwing us all a curveball, but Dana Point Youth Baseball is stepping up to the plate in a big way,” Kislig said. “In fact, they just ordered another 50 gallons of hand sanitizer to bottle and distribute in late April.”

Dana Point Mayor Richard Viczorek, who has coached and umpired for DPYB, will be at the Dana Point Community Center on Friday, April 10 to accept the hand sanitizer and thank the league.

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  • That’s all well and good. But how many games will they play this year? Answer: Zero. Sports is dead in American for the foreseeable future.

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