By Andrea Papagianis

The South Coast Water District unanimously approved moving forward with a self-development plan Friday of an 11-acre boat and recreational vehicle storage site along the Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano border. The meeting was the district’s fifth on the subject.

The board directed staff to plan a 5- to 7-acre storage site, and work with the city of Dana Point to permit 11 acres of the 30-acre site on Stonehill Drive along San Juan Creek, allowing for expansion.

Currently, the site contains the district’s groundwater recovery plant, water and sewer lines and industrial storage for about 42 tenants. The development of the site would be utilized by Orange County during its $140-million Dana Point Harbor revitalization project, with long-term boat and RV storage options after.

Brad Fowler, the city’s director of public works and engineering, raised concerns about water quality and flood plain management. The district’s newly hired General Manager Andrew Brunhart said an analysis and flood management plan would be conducted and included in a proposal as staff designs the site.

Staff could present requests for proposals for board review in early January. Proposals for project management and for environmental impact identification, under the California Environmental Quality Act, from vendors will follow.

The board also held its annual reorganization votes at the meeting, unanimously selecting Wayne Rayfield and Bob Moore to serve in their current seats, president and vice president, respectively.

“The District is facing … major infrastructure improvements, water and wastewater reliability projects, and an increasingly unreliable statewide water supply,” Rayfield said in a statement. “I am humbled that my colleagues selected me to lead the board during this dynamic time.”

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