By Lillian Boyd, Dana Point Times

The Dana Point City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, Nov. 20, with councilmembers Debra Lewis and Joe Muller absent.

A public hearing was held on whether to adopt a resolution to continue the program for Visit Dana Point, confirm its 2018 annual report and to authorize a $750,000 increase to the expenditure budget. That increase would allow for the transfer of some of the Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) assessments collected in prior years to Visit Dana Point.

Visit Dana Point’s executive director, Jonny Westom, spoke at the podium before Mayor Richard Viczorek and councilmembers Paul Wyatt and John Tomlinson.

“The additional funding would allow us to be more fluid in our business operations,” Westom said. “There are unique opportunities that present themselves throughout the year that we’ll be able to take advantage of without having to request additional funding from the city.”

There were no public comments or questions following Westom’s statement. But Councilmember Wyatt remarked that when reserves get used, there should be documentation regarding their replenishment. The resolution passed unanimously.

Visit Dana Point was created by the TBID in 2016 to help boost tourism in the city. Go to for more information.

The next regularly scheduled meeting for Dana Point City Council is Tuesday, Dec. 4. It will be Tomlinson’s last meeting as a councilmember before Councilmember-elect Jamey Federico takes his seat.—Lillian Boyd

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