By Daniel Ritz

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For the rear gunner and lead crew photographer of the dinghy of the mothership, the Outward Bound, tensions ran high approaching the channel on the south side of the Dana Point Harbor island bridge.

Up ahead, splashing could be heard; and screams. A battle was clearly looming.

Dozens of small boats, dinghys, canoe rafts and oversized inflatable animals held hundreds of watermen, waterwomen and children this July 4th during the annual Water Wars.

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Harbor Patrol looked on, insuring the safety of these holiday antics.

Water guns blasted, buckets threw and crafty water-weaponry soaked onlookers, to the warriors delight.

These wars came to a climax with an impressive aquatic volley in mid-afternoon. All lived to fight another day.

Special thanks to the captain and crew of the Outward Bound for allowing the Dana Point Times to participate in this year’s clash of the channel.

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