On Life and Love After 50: As We Age

Being able to write columns on “life” and “love” among the aging community for these past several years has been a gift for Tom Blake, as he’s able to help people who are hurting and suffering. Throughout his tenure as a columnist, he’s seen more stories from readers who have lost their mates. Sometimes, those heartbreaks and losses strike much closer to home, as he explains in his latest column.

On Life and Love After 50: How Susie Met Jon

In his latest On Life and Love After 50 column, Tom Blake features the story of how Susie and Jon, a local senior couple, met aboard a cruise ship in 2009. As Jon likes to recall, “Susie picked me up on the love boat.”

On Life and Love After 50: Was It a Senior Moment?

Tom Blake this week reflects on a bit of a senior moment he recently had—forgetting to remove the size-32 sticker off his brand-new shorts before walking around in public. Though embarrassing in the moment, he was reminded that 32 was the number worn by famed Laker Magic Johnson and recalled his friendship with the NBA Hall of Famer.

On Life and Love After 50: Senior Dating Challenges—Where is ‘John’?

San Juan Capistrano resident Yoko was having a lovely evening talking with a gentleman who had approached her at the Swallow’s Inn recently. However, by the night’s end, she was baffled that despite the engaging and interesting conversation they had all night, he never offered his contact information or asked for hers. Tom Blake offers his thoughts in his latest On Life and Love After 50 column.