Life’s a Beach: The Gridiron Lines that Bind—September’s Saturday Night Lights

Saturdays, Monday nights … Thursday nights and, well, just about whenever football is on TV every fall and winter, means family gatherings and games at the Murphy household, Shelley explains in her latest Life’s a Beach column. Football has always been a part of the Murphys’ multi-generational family gatherings, but Shelley’s enthusiasm for the sport soared when she realized it could keep her family huddled together.

Wellness & Prevention: Back to School for Teens

Another summer has come to an end, and for parents of teens, that means getting their students back into a routine of healthy sleep habits, homework and studying, as well as other extracurricular activities. This transition period can be tough, but Susan Parmelee of the Wellness & Prevention Center this month has a few tips on how to offer proper support, positive encouragement, and appropriate guidance.

Back to School: Healthy Brain, Healthy Child

We are hosting a FREE workshop focused on raising the healthiest kids possible. From success in school, to success in athletics and other extracurricular activities—learn…