T Street Beach, San Clemente

Saturday, Oct. 8

12 and under Boys

  1.  Miles Biggs; 2.  Tyrone Fomenko; 3.  Brayden Burch; 4.  Dax McPhillips; 5. Conan Craig; 6.  Aidan Pearce

12 and under Girls

  1.  Sawyer Linblad; 2.  Ezra McPhillips; 3.  Nicole Economos; 4.  Taylor Stacy; 5.  Makayla Moss; 6.  Julia Guild

10 and under Boys

  1.  Ben Brantell; 2.  Makai Bray; 3.  Cannon Carr; 4.  Azure Trujillo; 5.  Maddox Bray; 6.  Alex Guild

8 and under “Pops and Pups”

  1.  Kai Finn; 2.  Zealand Post; 3.  Brooks Montoya; 4.  Mia McLeash; 5.  Nolan Senn; 6.  Carson Carr

Most Stoked Award

Zion Walla

Sportsmanship Award

Carson Kropfl

Inspirational Award

Dutch Althouse

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