NSSA Southwest College Team, Event No. 1, October 26-27, San Diego, Blacks Beach

Local finishers only.

TEAM: 1. SDSU Black-136; 2. Saddleback-127; 3. Mira Costa Red-114; 4. UCSD A-110; 5. UCSB A-88; 6. Point Loma A-78; 7. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo A-77; =8. UCSD B-65; =8. USD-65; =8. CSU San Marcos A-65; 11. CSU Long Beach B-62; 12. CSU Channel Islands-56; 13. USC-53; 14. UCLA-46; 15. Mira Costa White-42; 16. SDSU Red-32; 17. UCSC-25; 18. UCSB B-23; 19. Point Loma B-22; =20.  Point Loma B-27; =20.  CSUSM B-27; =20.  Cal Poly San Luis Obispo-27; =20.  UCSB C-27.

MEN: 1. Shaw Kobayashi-Saddleback.

LONGBOARD: 1. Casey Powell-USC; 3. Dennis White-Saddleback.

WOMEN: 2. Danielle Wyman-Saddleback; 3. Marissa Shaw-SDSU Black; 4. Erika Cook-CSULB B.

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