NSSA Explorer, Event No. 6, October 26, San Diego, Mission Beach, San Fernando Court

Local finishers only.

MEN: 1. Dylan Sonderegger, San Clemente.

JUNIORS: 4. Cole Houshmand, San Clemente.

BOYS: 2. Cole Houshmand, San Clemente; 6. Jaric Fink, San Clemente.

MENEHUNE: 1. Kade Matson, San Clemente; 2. Ryan Martin, San Clemente.

SUPER GROMS: 2. Taj Lindblad, San Clemente.

WOMEN: 4. Samantha Sibley, San Clemente.

GIRLS: 3. Samantha Sibley, San Clemente.

DUKE: 2. Peter Townend, San Clemente.

LONGBOARD: 3. Jaric Fink, San Clemente.


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