By Lillian Boyd

Dana Point City Council met Tuesday, Oct. 16 for its regularly scheduled meeting. In a 3-1 vote given Councilmember Paul Wyatt’s absence, the council approved a motion to table a discussion on a proposed story pole ordinance.

Story poles are used to depict the size and shape of a proposed structure or an extension to an existing building in order to provide a visual aid for residents, staff personnel and members of the decision-making bodies in their evaluation of a project application.

When the ordinance discussion was brought forward, Mayor Pro Tem Joseph Muller made a motion to move the discussion to a later meeting because Councilmember Paul Wyatt was not present.

“This is a quorum. We need to continue business, this is simply for review,” Councilmember Debra Lewis said. “I don’t see how this has merit, but if you want to delay this, go ahead.”

Muller said the ordinance is a major stepping stone for the city and that each member of council needed to be present for discussion.

During the Sept. 4 council meeting, Lewis asserted story poles allow the public to be aware of the impact of potential construction to their communities, and encourage community awareness. Mayor Richard Viczorek and Mayor Pro Tem Muller opposed the proposal, reminding the Council that story poles have already been considered and sent to the Planning Commission for consideration by the Council previously. There, they were deemed unnecessary.

The proposed story pole ordinance is now scheduled to be discussed during the Dec. 4 meeting. Three out of five Councilmembers potentially voting on the ordinance will be determined on Election Day, Nov. 6. Following the council’s review of the ordinance, it will be forwarded to the Planning Commission for its consideration. After the commission’s review, staff would return the ordinance to Council for final consideration and approval as a formal Zone Text & Local Coastal Program Amendment. —LB

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