By Daniel Ritz

On Oct. 31, the South Coast Water District (SCWD) reviewed a comprehensive “Final Technical Studies Update,” composed by GHD, the potential developer of a desalinization plant intended to supply Dana Point and potentially the surrounding region with a more secure and sustainable water source.

Notably, the report included three additional southeastern intake wells near Capistrano Beach that are conceptually based on ongoing sea floor geo-science evaluations, to be refined as needed following completion of ongoing research.

A table showing the estimated changes to the average total monthly bill of SCWD customers showed a Tier 1 Single Family Residence (SFR) increase of $1.54 a month, a Tier 2 SFR increase of $5.14 a month, and a Tier 3 SFR increase of $12.86.

The SCWD will host a “De-Sal Workshop-Special Board Meeting” at South Coast Water District Administration Building, located at 31592 West Street, Laguna Beach, on Wednesday, Nov.15, from 3-5 p.m. More details on SCWD and plans on the desalinization plant can be found at

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