By Kristina Pritchett

During the next South Coast Water District meeting, directors will discuss a task order that concerns slant well modeling.

During the Engineering and Operations meeting on Feb. 13, Directors Rick Erkeneff and Bill Green voted in favor of forwarding the task order, which can total up to $260,000, to the Board of Directors for consideration.

According to the staff report, the results from the offshore geophysical survey done via sonar mapping at Doheny State Beach indicated potential areas for locating slant wells east of the mouth of the San Juan Creek. Analyses are needed to refine the San Juan Basic Focused Model by incorporating the sonar data, exploratory borings and assessing the impacts from pumping slant wells located east of the Basin.

The work includes: focused evaluation of geophysical data; validation of exploratory borings; refinement and re-calibration of the San Juan Basin Groundwater Model; and more.

During a special board meeting on Feb. 13, the directors approved to have three separate meetings regarding research results. The results will be separated into a Value for Money analysis, which could be done at the end of March, the South Coast Water District water reliability study around May, and workshop no. 5, regarding the methods of delivery, which has yet to be scheduled.

“We have so much to digest,” Green said. “Let’s just take a look at the Value for Money and see where we are with that.”

The board agreed and Erkeneff added it would be better for transparency’s sake to discuss everything separately.

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