Parker, owned by Janice and Cozette Shilton, enlists in the Paw Patrol


By Daniel Ritz

On Tuesday, September 20, Dana Point dog owners gathered at Pines Park to enlist their pups in the Paw Patrol, a new neighborhood watch program initiated by the Dana Point Police Services in order to enable dog walkers to take more active roles in crime prevention within their community.

Wearing their new Dana Point blue “Help Us Sniff Out Crime” bandanas, dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes enjoyed the sunny afternoon as their owners learned about the program which, as the organizations programming states, “…is designed to promote police-community partnerships, build relationships with your neighbors, and help report suspicious behavior”

Those interested in the program were able to enroll in upcoming free-training class with the Dana Point Police Services Crime Prevention Unit. The class will focus on providing residents with helpful information on how to effectively observe, and report, criminal and suspicious behavior.

The social nature of Paw Patrol was not lost on attendees, with a number of residents commenting on how the blue bandanas helped establish a sense of comradery through community care.

For further information or questions concerning the Paw Patrol, contact Crime Prevention Specialist Jill Jackson at 949.248.3581 or email

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