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By Matt Cortina

An ordinance to govern short-term rentals in Dana Point passed the City Council on May 17, after the California Coastal Commission (CCC) submitted its review and suggested minimal changes.

City staff were surprised that the CCC did not require major changes to the ordinance, which went into effect in 2014, said City Director of Community Development Ursula Luna-Reynosa. The CCC suggested that if the city were to change parking standards or minimum night stays in their short-term rental ordinance, they would have to address those changes with the commission. Currently, the ordinance allows for a minimum two-night stay for renters, and requires two off-street parking spaces for guests.

Short-term rentals pertain to any rental of a room, home, apartment, condo or adjacent living unit under 30 days.

Many city officials at the Council meeting noted that the CCC referred to Dana Point’s short-term rental law as a “model ordinance.”

There are currently 300+ listings for short-term rentals on Airbnb alone, a popular vacation rental site. Councilman Scott Shoeffel said that another metric to judge the ordinance’s success is that “few complaints have been lodged” from neighbors concerned about others’ short-term rentals.

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