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Compiled by Elysia Gamo and Andrea Swayne

Wednesday, February 28


Stonehill Drive/Del Obispo Street (12:21 a.m.) A patrol check was requested for a man dressed as a woman, wearing a tank top and tight jeans and lying in the middle of the street near Circle K.  The subject was last seen walking toward Dana Hills High School.

Tuesday, February 27


Del Obispo Street, 33800 Block (8:18 p.m.) A caller reported seeing multiple people wearing lingerie and “having some type of sex party” in a parking lot.


Olinda Drive, 33800 Block (8:04 p.m.) A man called police to report seeing two people rubbing paint all over his Volkswagen GTI. One subject was a female wearing a red tutu. No description of the male was given.


Blue Lantern, 33900 Block (2:03 p.m.) A caller reported being threatened by two men in their 20s in a white Saturn. One of the subjects was wearing a green ski mask and the other was shirtless and holding an axe.


Dana Point Harbor Drive, 24200 Block (9:31 a.m.) A man was seen going through kids’ lunchboxes and eating all the food  at the tide pools behind the Ocean Institute.


Dana Drive, 25000 Block (6:28 a.m.) A patrol check was requested when a man described as either a transient or a fisherman was seen sleeping in a large potted plant.


Tuesday, February 26


Camino Capistrano/Calle Loma (6:05 p.m.) Seven people were slacklining in Pines Park, a practice seen by the informant as an ongoing problem that happens often around 5 p.m. Slacklining is a practice where flat webbing is strung between trees and participants practice balancing by walking the line. The practice is similar to tightrope walking but done instead on a flat slack line. The subjects were taking the line down when deputies arrived. The subjects were warned. No crime was committed.


Granada Drive, 34000 Block (10:32 a.m.) A caller phoned police a second time (see earlier call at 7:50 a.m.) to report finding more blood. This time the blood was seen on a railing in front of the location then wraps around to a laundry room and a neighbor’s home upstairs.


Granada Drive, 34000 Block (7:50 a.m.) A resident awoke to find a large amount of blood in the backyard of home near San Marino Place and La Cresta Drive. The caller told police nothing suspicious was seen or heard during the night.


Cordova Drive/Violet Lantern (12:45 a.m.) A disoriented elderly woman was found wandering the streets. She was described as in her 80s, about 5 feet tall, with white hair and wearing a light colored coat. The caller stated she was headed toward Golden Lantern.


Monday, February 25


Pointe Stanhope, 24800 Block (8:18 p.m.) At Harbor Point, outside of the community center, three juveniles were reportedly smoking narcotics on a bench outside of the gym. There was no contact made with them.


Via Antibes, 32400 Block (2:55 p.m.) A caller reported subjects drinking behind the reported location. The caller said they had thrown lemons at his windows a couple of nights before.


Del Rey, 34500 Block (1:17 p.m.) At the Capistrano Beach Care Center, a facility administrator mentioned an elderly female patient wanted to make a claim about a staff member.


Regina, 0 Block (9:09 a.m.) A man called to report his 16-year-old daughter was being physical and disturbing the peace. She didn’t want to go to school and instead was in the backyard.


Pacific Coast Highway/Del Obispo Street (12:57 a.m.) A possible drunk driver in a gray Ford pickup truck entered into the Del Taco drive-through. The caller stated the drunken man had come into the ampm gas station.


Sunday, February 24


Golden Lantern/Camino del Avion (9:28 p.m.) A white BMW X3 was spotted swerving into oncoming traffic.


Callita Drive, 34000 Block (9:06 p.m.) An anonymous caller from Costa Mesa reported receiving a text message from his female friend in Dana Point. The message said her boyfriend had hit her and she was trying to leave.


La Plaza, 34100 Block (4:48 p.m.) A caller from Cyclelogical, a locally owned bike shop, reported a man had taken a black mountain bike for a test ride, but two hours had passed and the man never returned.


Camino el Molino, 34500 Block (2:33 p.m.) A female caller reported a neighbor hammering something on her fence. The caller found the noise very disturbing.


Del Prado Avenue, 24800 Block (2:05 p.m.)  Two small children were see left alone inside a white Honda Accord in a parking lot at the cross streets of Golden Lantern and Del Prado Avenue. No adults were seen nearby.


Camino el Molina, 34400 Block (11:28 a.m.) A caller reported her 34-year-old daughter was getting out of control. She was possibly on narcotics and had to be pinned down by her father until the police came. Neither party wanted to press charges.


Seaside Drive, 25600 Block (3:13 a.m.) A man called to report his 86-year-old wife, who has dementia, had been missing for two and a half hours. He checked the back of his house and around the block but saw no sign of her. Another caller reported seeing a woman fitting her description.


Del Obispo Street, 33800 (2:37 a.m.) Loud music was coming from an upstairs unit. The man who called in the complaint also told police that a man in the upstairs unit had assaulted him about a month ago.


Ritz Cove Drive, 0 Block (2:19 a.m.) A man reported seeing a male in a blue hooded sweatshirt was trying to open the back door of his residence.


Evans Pointe, 25500 Block (12:24 a.m.) A caller reported having a physical dispute with a family friend who had been drinking.


Friday, February 22


Amber Lantern/Pacific Coast Highway (3:29 p.m.) A thin female with blonde hair was seen driving an older two door red Honda. The caller told dispatch that the woman is known by Dana Point deputies as someone who sells drugs. The subject was on foot in the alley and her vehicle was parked on Amber Lantern.


Stone Hill Drive/Del Obispo Street (2:12 p.m.) A dark gray Nissan was struck on Del Obispo Street by a black Mercedes SUV with a yellow license plate. The suspect was last seen on Del Obispo Street going towards San Juan Capistrano from Dana Point.


Avenida Santa Clara, 24400 Block (11:22 a.m.) A caller reported a suspicious looking motorcyclist across the street. The caller stated the person was looking around a neighbor’s garage and opened the door. The caller did not think the motorcyclist lived there.


Pacific Coast Highway, 34200 Block (8:23 a.m.) A man in his 50s was reportedly digging through trash cans and looking in the windows of a salon scaring the workers and customers. He was described as having a beard, carrying a black rolling suitcase and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants.


Thursday, February 21


Calle Ultima, 26700 Block (9:11 p.m.) A woman reported a man in a brown UPS delivery uniform tried to deliver a package to her house. The caller said the man looked suspicious and was not acting like a UPS driver and that he drove away in a silver sedan.


Las Vegas Avenue/Doheny Park Road (3:50 p.m.) A caller reported seeing a man lying down in the middle of the sidewalk next to a chained bike. The subject appeared to be breathing, the caller said.


Windjammer Drive, 33700 Block (1:25 p.m.)A caller stated that a Meals on Wheels delivery could not be made to a man who suffers from dementia and hearing loss. The man was not answering the door or his telephone. Officers made contact with the man, who said he did not know Meals on Wheels was at the door and asked if they would return with his dinner.


Saint John, 0 Block (12:38 p.m.) A woman reported her neighbor, a man in his 60s, threatened her after they argued with each other over parking issues in front of their homes. He reportedly told her, “I’m gonna cause you big trouble.”



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  • Is it illegal to slackline in Dana Point? I live near Pines Park and any time I’ve seen the young guys and girls doing that, I’ve always noticed that they aren’t drinking, swearing, or playing loud music. They actually are very quiet and never leave any debris. I hate to see them having fun (and wrapping the tree bark for protection) and stopped by some local crank. Go after the rowdy rascals, not these guys.

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    hospice care
    October 10, 2013 at 9:21 PM # Edit

    How much time generally does an individual have when hospital gets involved?

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