Friday, June 14


Calle Verano, 26800 Block (8:26 p.m.) A woman in a Nissan was driving through red lights with her side mirror taped down. The caller followed the woman, until she eventually arrived at a house, where she reportedly stumbled out of her car and into the home.


Street of the Golden Lantern, 33300 Block (7:54 p.m.) A man in his late 20s was seen near Dana Hills High School calling out to teenage girls before opening his jacket and shaking an orange pill bottle. The man was described as being thin with short brown hair and standing 5 feet 8 inches tall.


Street of the Copper Lantern/La Paz Avenue (7:23 p.m.) Grade school children were seen in the middle of the street playing chicken with oncoming cars.


Pointe Sterling, 32700 Block (6:34 p.m.) Dispatch received second hand news from a woman, who said her friend called her and threatened to commit suicide by overdosing. The woman who called authorities requested a welfare check on her friend.


Doheny Park Road/Pacific Coast Highway (6:22 p.m.) A group of juveniles were seen under the river bridge on the bike path, yelling and pretending to step in front of oncoming bicyclists. The caller was concerned the kids may cause a crash.


Niguel Road/Camino Del Avion (4:34 p.m.) A welfare check was requested because an 8-year-old girl was seen sitting in the bushes with her pink bike. It was reported that the little girl was riding bicycles with her mother earlier in the day.


Monarch Bay Drive, 0 Block (1:52 p.m.) A man sitting in a faded gold extended cab truck was parked in a Starbucks parking lot and was seen yelling at people walking by for over 40 minutes. A sticker on the back of the man’s truck read, “Animal.”


Beach Road, 35300 Block (1:33 p.m.) A concerned woman called dispatch after finding a bone while walking on the beach. The woman thought the bone may have been human.


Street of the Starboard Lantern, 34300 Block (3:01 a.m.) A man called authorities because his neighbor’s alarm was sounding. The man said there were no cars in the neighbor’s driveway, their side gate was open and one light was on in the residence. The caller was concerned someone was in the house.


Stonehill Drive/Palo Alto Street (12:52 a.m.) A man was seen driving on the sidewalk on Seabright Drive while smoking a cigarette. The dispatcher informed the caller not to follow or chase down the driver.


Thursday, June 13


De Soto Way/Taxco Drive (2:09 p.m.) A caller informed authorities of a man walking through peoples’ yards in the neighborhood and soliciting. The caller said the man was also scaring children.


Pacific Coast Highway/Ritz-Carlton Drive (12:49 p.m.) A man driving a FedEx truck called authorities after a man in a black Toyota 4Runner was being confrontational and trying to get the FedEx driver to get out of his car and fight him. The FedEx driver called dispatch back and said he was pulled over on Del Prado Avenue, and the man in the 4Runner told him if he ever saw the mail carrier driver again he would fight him.


Street of the Golden Lantern/La Cresta Drive (12:38 p.m.) A man called authorities after he had was physically assaulted near Hennessey’s by two men in their 20s, carrying skateboards. The two attackers were later found and arrested.


Pacific Coast Highway, 34300 Block (12:30 p.m.) A man informed authorities of a homeless man near Carl’s Jr. that he believed was medically deteriorating, because he was incontinent. The caller requested that the man be hospitalized.

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