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Saturday, August 17


Crown Valley Parkway, 32400 Block (1:07 a.m.) A caller reported a “burning smell” coming from the location and said the subjects were “doing something illegal.”


Monarch Bay Drive, 500 Block (12:40 a.m.) A security guard in a marked unit reported subjects loitering on the beach. The subjects were seen hanging around near a lifeguard tower and snorkeling. The security guard had previously asked them to leave but the subjects did not comply.

Friday, August 16


Pacific Coast Highway/Ritz-Carlton Drive (11:20 p.m.) A black Honda or Acura was seen driving around on a pedestrian path at Salt Creek Beach. The man driving the car flashed his lights at the caller then entered the men and women’s restrooms. The subject was last seen driving slowly back down toward the beach. The caller believed the driver was possibly under the influence of drugs.


La Plaza, 34100 Block (9:55 p.m.) A man told deputies he witnessed a man and woman doing heroin inside of a white sedan. He caller said the two became upset with him when they asked him for foil and he said he didn’t have any.


Del Obispo Street, 34000 Block (9:16 p.m.) A bicyclist was seen down on the ground of a sidewalk on Del Obispo Street near the Community Center. The caller did not see an accident occur.


Cross Creek Street, 0 Block (5:21 p.m.) A woman said a man hit her with his shorts and then held a pair of scissors to her throat.

9-1-1 HANGUP

Camino Capistrano, 35000 Block (12:57 p.m.) A female caller, who sounded like a small child, said she is 25 years old and no one is watching her. She gave her name and then stopped talking. The line remained open and a television could be heard in the background.


Street of the Violet Lantern, 33900 Block (12:53 p.m.) A patrol check was requested for a man seen walking around slowly, talking to himself and picking flowers.


Leah Drive/Rachel Circle (12:15 a.m.) A car full of juveniles was heard peeling out after toilet papering houses.

Thursday, August 15


Sea Bright Drive, 33100 Block (9:01 p.m.) A woman called deputies after witnessing an object flying around the sky and changing colors. The caller did not think it was a plane and believed it could be a remote controlled. She told police the object has been an ongoing problem which has been scaring her children.


Vista del Mar, 0 Block (5:17 p.m.) Dispatch requested a welfare check on a woman who called in and sounded confused. The woman said someone “took her number.” She also talked about giving someone money and how she didn’t want “someone” in her house. The woman said she didn’t know “him” but couldn’t describe anyone to deputies.


Puerto Place/Dana Point Harbor Drive (1:29 p.m.) A man was seen near the jetty yelling, screaming and punching the air. The man was described as being in his 50s, 5 feet 7 inches tall and wearing dirty clothes.

Wednesday, August 14


Street of the Amber Lantern, 34100 Block (11:33 p.m.) A woman called deputies after a man who had been visiting her was told to leave but remained outside. The woman said the man was occasionally trying to open the front door. The woman called deputies back 20 minutes later, because the man was still outside and her neighbor was talking him.


La Plaza, 24700 Block (1:50 p.m.) A man notified deputies that a group of people who he believed are transients, kicked in a bathroom door and were using drugs.

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