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Monday, May 29


Stonehill Drive/Del Obispo Street (9:52 p.m.) A man outside of Circle K asked another man to phone medics for him, as he had two broken ribs. The caller was unsure of how the subject’s ribs got broken.


Alcazar Drive, 33900 Block (8:41 p.m.) Three subjects in white Honda Civics—two hatchbacks and one two-door—pulled up and broke the windows on the caller’s car. The caller said the three were dressed similarly, in dark hooded sweatshirts and jeans, and chased him with bats. The caller said the subjects were neighbors from down the street. The caller also told police he punched out the rear passenger window of one of the subject’s cars.


Tuesday, May 28


Dana Point Harbor Drive/Embarcadero Plaza (9:39 p.m.) A man was seen climbing into a boat that was for sale, located in the dry docks by the launching area. The caller seemed to think the man was trying to sleep in it overnight.


Pacific Coast Highway/Copper Lantern (4:12 p.m.) Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call reporting several juveniles sitting on a park bench and passing around a pipe. Deputies released the minors to their parents.


Niguel Road/Monarch Beach Drive (2:15 p.m.) A towing company called police after towing a woman’s car, which ran out of gas. The caller reported that the woman was drunk and hostile with the tow truck driver and began walking toward Camino del Avion. When sheriff’s deputies arrived the woman was uncooperative, smelled like alcohol and was slurring her words.


Pacific Coast Highway/Del Obispo Street (11:50 a.m.) An informant notified authorities of six juveniles in the vacant lot across from Denny’s, loitering and throwing trash on the ground. One of the juveniles was reportedly holding up a sign that read “I need beer.”


Windward Drive, 24000 Block (7:46 a.m.) A mother called the sheriff’s department after she was involved in a physical dispute with her daughter. Dispatch reported that the daughter could be heard screaming in the background. The line suddenly disconnected, and when dispatch called back the mother answered, and stated that her daughter left for work in a silver van.


Monday, May 27


Dana Point Harbor Drive, 24200 Block (8:03 p.m.) A woman notified dispatch of someone throwing rocks from the bluffs down toward the Ocean Institute. She stated she was waiting for a tow truck in the Ocean Institute parking lot when a rock came down from the bluffs and broke the window of a white Volkswagen Jetta that was parked right next to her. Other witnesses reported seeing people up at the bluffs but couldn’t give a description.


Del Obispo Street, 33600 Block (3:36 p.m.) A man driving a black Scion TC hit a parked car in the Albertson’s parking lot then got out to see the victim’s damage. The owner of the hit car came back to his car and was talking with the man. The informant stated that the driver seemed violent and possibly under the influence of narcotics because the two men were having a verbal argument.


Puerto Plaza/Dana Point Harbor Drive (11:35 a.m.) Dispatch received a call from a woman saying “It’s not an emergency, but someone is dying,” and then hung up. When dispatch tried calling back they received a pre-recorded message stating that the caller was not accepting calls at that time.


Sunday, May 26


Doheny Park Road, 34000 Block (7:38 a.m.) A woman called police after tracking her boyfriend and mom to the Smart & Final parking lot. They were both sitting in the caller’s white Saturn sedan that the mother had stolen. The woman said her boyfriend and mother were in her car, threatening her and refusing to get out.


Pacific Coast Highway, 34200 Block (2:57 a.m.) A woman called dispatch from the lobby of the Best Western Hotel because the front desk would not give her another key to her room.

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