All information below is obtained from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website. The calls represent what was told to the deputy in the field by the radio dispatcher. The true nature of an incident often differs from what is initially reported. No assumption of criminal guilt or affiliation should be drawn from the content of the information provided. An arrest doesn’t represent guilt. The items below are just a sampling of the entries listed on the OCSD website.

Compiled by Kristina Pritchett

Monday, February 20

DISTURBANCE Mariner Drive, 24700 Block (10:40 p.m.) A caller told police a woman had been texting threats to them.

PETTY THEFT Monarch Bay Plaza, 0 Block (8:53 p.m.) A man and woman reportedly tried to take alcohol from the business.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON IN VEHICLE Dana Strand Road, 34300 Block (6:31 p.m.) Police were called for a group of juveniles reportedly doing drugs inside a vehicle.

RECKLESS DRIVING Pacific Coast Highway/Crown Valley Parkway (4:55 p.m.) A vehicle was seen driving at a high rate of speed.

TRAFFIC HAZARD Stonehill Drive/Ocean Hill Drive (4:20 p.m.) Police were called for a beach chair in traffic lanes.

GENERAL BROADCAST Crown Valley Parkway/Camino Del Avion (3:39 p.m.) A driver was seen tailgating, riding in the center median and swerving all over the road.

DISTURBANCE Strand Beach Drive/Ocean Front Lane (3:32 p.m.) Police were called for three male skateboarders who were skating at Strand Beach.

DISTURBANCE Leah Drive, 32700 Block (3:01 p.m.) Two men were seen throwing firecrackers against the caller’s fence.

DISTURBANCE El Encanto Avenue, 34000 Block (8:05 a.m.) A caller told police two men were sitting on the caller’s vehicle and drinking beer. The caller told police this was an ongoing issue.

Sunday, February 19

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Dana Point Harbor Drive, 25300 Block (10:03 p.m.) Police were called for a man reportedly threatening a group of friends. The caller said the man said he was going to get his guns and knives so he could fight.

DISTURBANCE-AUTO INVOLVED Selva Road/Pacific Coast Highway (8:07 p.m.) Loud music was coming from a vehicle.

DISTURBANCE-MUSIC OR PARTY Calle La Primavera, 33700 Block (4:06 p.m.) Police were called for loud, “obnoxious, high-decibel drumbeat music.”

BURGLARY Evening Star Drive, 24700 Block (2:29 p.m.) A caller told police their bike was taken from a garage the previous night.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT-NON INJURY Niguel Road/Stonehill Drive (1:26 p.m.) Two vehicles were involved in an accident, and one of the drivers refused to share information.

DISTURBANCE-AUTO INVOLVED Sherwood Way/Nottingham Way (1:03 p.m.) A vehicle’s alarm was sounding for two hours.

TRAFFIC HAZARD Malaga Drive/La Cresta Drive (11:55 a.m.) Two stop signs that were pulled from the ground were laying in the street.

ASSIST OUTSIDE AGENCY Via Espinoza, 34400 Block (10:36 a.m.) A caller told police their neighbor’s dog attacked his dog due to the front door being open.

Saturday, February 18

DRUNK DRIVING Crown Valley Parkway, 32400 Block (7:46 p.m.) A caller told police his ex-girlfriend arrived at the location drunk.

SHOTS HEARD-NO SUSPECT INFORMATION Brookview, 0 Block (7:02 p.m.) Police were called for three gunshots heard in the complex. A couple of people in the area stated it was fireworks.

RECKLESS DRIVING Camino Las Ramblas/Freeway-5 (1:31 p.m.) Police were called for a vehicle making illegal U-turns in the intersection.

PETTY THEFT Ocean Bright, 33200 Block (12:10 p.m.) A woman said she left her phone in a Lyft car the previous night and the driver had not responded to her phone calls. She told police the phone was turned off.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Doheny Park Road, 34000 Block (3:29 a.m.) Police were called about a broken window at a vacant building.

TRAFFIC STOP Seaside Drive/Stonehill Drive (3:31 a.m.) A driver was arrested for a DUI after they were stopped for driving the wrong way in the southbound lanes. The driver made an abrupt turn into Seaside and made a U-turn, and reportedly could not figure out the gear shifter to put it in park. The driver had an open, cold beer in the center console.

Friday, February 17

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Selva Road, 34000 Block (11:55 p.m.) A caller told police someone tried their car door handles. The caller said they yelled that they were calling the police and the subject ran away.

DRUNK IN CAR Street of the Golden Lantern, 32500 Block (6:12 p.m.) A man was seen staggering in the parking lot and purchasing alcohol at the grocery store.

TRAFFIC HAZARD La Cresta Drive/Street of the Copper Lantern (5:25 p.m.) A telephone wire was seen hanging down in the middle of the road.

DISTURBANCE Pacific Coast Highway, 34100 Block (4:57 p.m.) Police were told a man was thrown from another person’s vehicle and that the driver accelerated out of the lot attempting to hit the man. The caller said the man jumped out of the way but his wrist was hit by the car.

ASSIST OUTSIDE AGENCY Street of the Copper Lantern, 34000 Block (12:13 p.m.) A patio umbrella came loose and was wrapped around some wire. The caller couldn’t identify what type of wire it was.

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