All information below is obtained from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website. The calls represent what was told to the deputy in the field by the radio dispatcher. The true nature of an incident often differs from what is initially reported. No assumption of criminal guilt or affiliation should be drawn from the content of the information provided. An arrest doesn’t represent guilt. The items below are just a sampling of the entries listed on the OCSD website.

Compiled by Kristina Pritchett

Monday, January 2

DISTURBANCE Dana Point Harbor Drive, 24800 Block (4:13 p.m.) Police were called for 15 juveniles throwing rocks from the cliff above the location.

DISTURBANCE-FAMILY DISPUTE Del Obispo Street/Blue Fin Drive (3:29 p.m.) A woman told police she was following her son, who stated he wanted to run away because he was in a fight with his brother.

SHOTS HEARD-NO SUSPECT INFORMATION El Encanto Ave., 33800 Block (3:30 p.m.) Three gunshots were heard below the location.

DISTURBANCE Camino Capistrano/Via Valor (12:40 p.m.) Police were called for a person skateboarding on someone’s fence.

UNKNOWN TROUBLE Sea Lion Drive, 33100 Block (12:50 a.m.) A woman said she thought she saw a teenage boy in the backyard with a gun but wasn’t sure if he was still there.

Sunday, January 1

TRAFFIC HAZARD Street of the Golden Lantern/Selva Road (8:55 p.m.) Police were called to the area for people putting traffic cones in the middle of the street for no reason (though possibly as a joke).

CITIZEN ASSIST Seth Circle, 24600 Block (2:12 p.m.) A caller told police a 12-year-old kept taking their credit cards and using them online to buy “thousands of dollars worth of video games.”

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT-NON INJURY Doheny Park Plaza/Pacific Coast Highway (12:25 p.m.) A gray 4-Runner and black four-door vehicle were involved in an accident.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Pacific Coast Highway/Del Obispo Street (11:25 a.m.) A man said he went through the drive-through but was told by a male employee that they weren’t open yet. He told police “something didn’t seem right” because a man was in the business even though the business was not open.

PATROL CHECK Street of the Golden Lantern, 33300 Block (10:31 a.m.) Police were called to the track for four juvenile men climbing the goal posts and jumping onto the mats. The caller said they were concerned one of them might get hurt.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Coral Reach Street, 33400 Block (2:06 a.m.) A caller told police two people were dressed in black and were seen “prowling” around the neighbor’s house.

FIREWORK VIOLATION Encantamar/La Paloma (12:34 a.m.) Police were called for fireworks aimed at trash cans.

Saturday, December 31

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Street of the Violet Lantern, 34000 Block (9:22 p.m.) Police were called about a man pounding on the door asking for his money. The caller said the man would not leave.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE La Cresta Drive, 24400 Block (9:15 p.m.) Police were called about a man who entered the caller’s house.

DRUNK DRIVING Pacific Coast Highway/Street of the Golden Lantern (4:04 p.m.) A man in a car was seen swerving and drove through a planter and stumbled outside his vehicle.

VANDALISM Eastwind Drive, 25700 Block (9:37 a.m.) A caller told police someone shot their bedroom window with a BB gun the night prior.

Friday, December 30

DISTURBANCE Capistrano by the Sea/Dartmouth Lane (8:13 p.m.) Police were called for people throwing water balloons at vehicles driving by.

HIT-AND-RUN Doheny Park Road, 33900 Block (7:22 p.m.) A driver in a minivan was rear-ended by a red four-door sedan while at a red light.

BOAT FOUND Inner Channel Bait Barge (3:17 p.m.) A single-person kayak with two fishing poles was found by a deputy.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Camino Del Avion/Niguel Road (2:56 p.m.) Police were called for loud noises at the gas station. They said they could see people with flashlights but wasn’t sure what was happening.

DISTURBANCE Street of the Silver Lantern, 33700 Block (2:28 p.m.) A woman told police her ex-boyfriend sent her a text message saying he was on his way over. She said she was afraid he’d do something to her or her family.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE M-10 Cove Side (1:46 p.m.) A man told police there was a woman on his boat that he did not know.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Dana Point Harbor Drive, 24500 Block (1:21 a.m.) A man told police two people were locked in the bathroom. He said he kicked them out earlier for trespassing and possibly doing drugs.

Thursday, December 29

DISTURBANCE-AUTO INVOLVED Calle Paloma, 34500 Block (9:16 p.m.) A caller told police a vehicle alarm was going off. They said the vehicle had a broken window and has been parked for a month.

DISTURBANCE Harbor View Drive, 24600 Block (7:39 p.m.) A caller said they didn’t see anything but could hear kids screaming for the past two hours.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Pacific Coast Highway/Interstate 5 (4:06 p.m.) Police were called to the school bus yard and said one of the busses appeared to have been broken into.

KEEP THE PEACE Corniche Drive, 0 Block (3:21 p.m.) A woman said her neighbor was filming her while she watered the plants.

TRESPASSING Pacific Coast Highway, 34300 Block (1:24 p.m.) Police were called about a man who refused to leave after being asked multiple times to do so.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON IN VEHICLE Ocean Hill Drive, Stonehill Drive (11:57 a.m.) Police were called for a man camped out in an RV whose dog was loose and running around.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT-UNKNOWN INJURIES Doheny Park Road, 34000 Block (12:12 a.m.) One vehicle hit several parked cars near the location.

Wednesday, December 28

DISTURBANCE-FAMILY DISPUTE Camino El Molino (9:38 p.m.) A man told police his wife was trying to break into the house.

RECKLESS DRIVING Street of the Golden Lantern/Camino Del Avion (8:12 p.m.) Police were called for a man in a gold Cadillac swerving and making turns from the wrong lanes.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Calle Naranja, 34300 Block (2:48 p.m.) A caller told police they thought someone threw a crack pipe in their yard.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Shell Drive, 25700 Block (3:05 p.m.) Police were called about a man looking into the caller’s garage and commenting on the bikes.

HIT-AND-RUN Stonehill Drive/Del Obispo Street (1:41 p.m.) A Toyota Prius hit a Honda van that was parked on Stonehill. The caller said the Prius side swiped the van and continued driving.

ASSIST OUTSIDE AGENCY East Jetty (9:45 a.m.) State Parks was called after a person was seen naked, running from rangers off of Tower 12.

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