All information below is obtained from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website. The calls represent what was told to the deputy in the field by the radio dispatcher. The true nature of an incident often differs from what is initially reported. No assumption of criminal guilt or affiliation should be drawn from the content of the information provided. An arrest doesn’t represent guilt. The items below are just a sampling of the entries listed on the OCSD website.

Compiled by Kristina Pritchett

Sunday, November 13

FIREWORK VIOLATION Strand Beach Drive, 0 Block (9:07 p.m.) Police were called for a man and woman lighting fireworks that “left off a smelly red smoke.”

VANDALISM Street of the Golden Lantern, 34600 Block (8:15 p.m.) A man told police his car was keyed.

DRUNK IN CAR La Plaza, 34100 Block (7:24 p.m.) Police were called for a driver who allegedly almost hit two parked cars.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Del Obispo Street, 33600 Block (2:25 p.m.) Police were called for two people yelling at each other as they walked out of the store. The caller told police they heard the man mention he had a sword.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Doheny Park Road, 34000 Block (12:32 p.m.) A caller told police a woman was looking through cars.

VANDALISM Street of the Blue Lantern, 34100 Block (9:14 a.m.) A caller reported their car window was vandalized.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Dana Drive, 33800 Block (6:54 a.m.) A caller told police a man was urinating on their lawn, and when they confronted the man, he took off.

DISTURBANCE-MUSIC OR PARTY Sherwood Way, 24800 Block (5:59 a.m.) Police were called for mariachi music.

PROWLER Vista De Dons, 27500 Block (3:56 a.m.) A woman told police she heard glass break on the front door and found glass shattered. She said she didn’t know if someone was trying the door or if someone threw something at it.

Saturday, November 12

SUSPICIOUS PERSON IN VEHICLE Granada Drive, 34000 Block (7:13 p.m.) Police were called for a person sitting in a car in front of the residence for 10 to 20 minutes playing loud music. The caller told police they were partially blocking their driveway.

TRAFFIC HAZARD Street of the Blue Lantern/Pacific Coast Highway (5:55 p.m.) A four-foot skateboard was in the roadway. The caller told police cars were hitting it.

PETTY THEFT Calle Juanita, 27000 Block (2:34 p.m.) The caller referred to items taken from an unlocked vehicle.

Friday, November 11

DISTURBANCE Pacific Coast Highway, 34200 Block (10:26 p.m.) Police were called for someone throwing eggs at passing vehicles.

DISTURBANCE Street of the Amber Lantern/Santa Clara Avenue (7:06 p.m.) Police were called for eight juveniles smoking marijuana at the lookout. The caller told police that when they asked the kids to stop, they allegedly said “it’s legal now.”

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT-NON INJURY Doheny Park Road, 34200 Block (3:52 p.m.) A gray minivan and a red Honda were involved in an accident.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT-NON INJURY Street of the Golden Lantern, 33300 Block (10:54 p.m.) A man in a Volvo hit a pole in the student parking lot.

HIT-AND-RUN Seville Place/La Cresta Drive (10:44 p.m.) A woman told police a man in a green truck side-swiped her vehicle then took off.

DRUNK DRIVING Via Elevado, 25000 Block (10:26 p.m.) Police were called for a driver in a red Mini Cooper who was seen swerving.

PETTY THEFT Del Prado/Street of the Golden Lantern (8:27 p.m.) A woman told police their wallet and iPhone were taken off the counter.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Camino Del Avion, 24000 Block (6:54 p.m.) A manager told police a man was trying door handles and was then loitering.

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