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All information below is obtained from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website. The calls represent what was told to the deputy in the field by the radio dispatcher. The true nature of an incident often differs from what is initially reported. No assumption of criminal guilt or affiliation should be drawn from the content of the information provided. An arrest doesn’t represent guilt. The items below are just a sampling of the entries listed on the OCSD website.

Compiled by Kristina Pritchett

Monday, February 27

ANNOYING PHONE CALL Elisa Drive, 33200 Block (7:02 p.m.) A caller told police their daughter was receiving threatening emails and Instagram messages from an unknown subject.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Cove Road/Dana Point Harbor Drive (4:34 p.m.) A vehicle was seen in the embankment on the hill on Cove Road.

BOAT PUMP Island East, E-20 (2:57 p.m.) A boat was taking on water and the bilge pumps were reportedly not working.

BURGLARY IN PROGRESS Santa Clara Avenue, 24400 Block (2:35 p.m.) A caller believed her neighbor’s house was being broken into because she was away and the front door had been wide open for hours.

TRESPASSING Pacific Coast Highway, 34200 Block (8:55 a.m.) A woman was in the bathroom and reportedly refused to leave.

Sunday, February 26

DISTURBANCE Via Lopez/Via California (6:16 p.m.) A man told police their friend punched him in the nose and pulled a knife on him.

DISTURBANCE-AUTO INVOLVED Street of the Golden Lantern, 33300 Block (4:42 p.m.) Police were called for a loud motorcycle driving back and forth.

INJURED ANIMAL Dana Harbor Office (4:17 p.m.) Harbor Patrol was called for a pelican wrapped in fishing line. The bird reportedly flew away.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Dana Strand Road, 34300 Block (11:58 a.m.) Police were called for a man reportedly trying to get a woman and her friend into his vehicle. The woman said when they refused, the man exposed himself and then left.

PETTY THEFT Brookview, 100 Block (9:34 a.m.) A woman told police a bike was taken from her patio.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Del Obispo Street/Stonehill Drive (4:05 a.m.) Police were called for a younger man walking in the middle of traffic lanes.

DISTURBANCE-AUTO INVOLVED Vista Drive West/Via Verde (3:25 a.m.) Police were called for a vehicle continuously honking their horn.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON IN VEHICLE Via Verde/Dana Bluff West (2:13 a.m.) Police were called for two men exiting a vehicle and walking up and down the street. The caller said a vehicle returned, picked them up and drove off.

Saturday, February 25

DISTURBANCE Street of the Violet Lantern, 34000 Block (11:29 p.m.) A caller told police they could hear people screaming and threatening they were going to harm them. The caller said they could hear things breaking inside the residence.

DISTURBANCE Brookview, 100 Block (10:22 p.m.) A caller told police someone was reportedly choking another person.

RECKLESS DRIVING Pacific Coast Highway/Selva Road (9:23 p.m.) A caller told police someone was doing donuts in the lot.

BURGLARY IN PROGRESS Pacific Coast Highway, 34300 Block (6:16 p.m.) A caller told police a woman was reportedly trying to pry open a window. The caller said the woman was trying multiple windows.

INDECENT EXPOSURE Pacific Coast Highway/Street of the Silver Lantern (5:31 p.m.) Police were called for a man yelling with his pants down.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT-NON INJURY Pacific Coast Highway/Street of the Violet Lantern (1:51 p.m.) A man was seen driving up the walkway before hitting one of the decorative circles, which caused damage. The caller said the man was trying to get the vehicle off the curb.

DRUNK IN PUBLIC Dana Point Harbor Drive/Island Way (8:06 a.m.) A man was seen dancing in the street and swinging on a pole. The caller said they were afraid they might get hit by a car.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Via Sacramento, 26500 Block (2:36 a.m.) Police were called for a man who hopped the fence and went into the school. The caller said the man’s forehead was bleeding and he was chattering his teeth.

Friday, February 24

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Street of the Blue Lantern, 34200 Block (11:34 p.m.) Police were called for a man who reportedly attempted to get into the caller’s vehicle.

DISTURBANCE Selva Road/Pacific Coast Highway (9:20 p.m.) Police were called for a person shining their lights into other vehicles.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT-NON INJURY Pacific Coast Highway, 34700 Block (7:47 p.m.) A caller told police a passenger in a taxi opened their door while the car was in motion.

CITIZEN ASSIST Doheny Place, 34700 Block (6:46 p.m.) A woman told police a man was standing by her garage when she got home the previous night and he startled her. The woman said she wanted to report it.

VANDALISM Camino de Estrella, 26800 Block (5:59 p.m.) A woman said her neighbor allegedly poured bleach on her vehicle the night prior.

OPEN DOOR Street of the Port Lantern, 34300 Block (4:48 p.m.) A woman requested a walk-through after finding her front door wide open. She said she had been away since 11 a.m.

DISTURBANCE-AUTO INVOLVED Street of the Green Lantern/Scenic Drive (2:50 a.m.) A caller told police loud music was coming from a vehicle.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON IN VEHICLE Santa Fe Avenue/Las Vegas Avenue (1:07 a.m.) A person was seen “rooting around” in a vehicle, and they weren’t legally parked. The person consented to a search and said they were hiding drugs under the vehicle’s dashboard.

Thursday, February 23

SUSPICIOUS PERSON IN VEHICLE Corniche Drive, 0 Block (9:35 p.m.) Two people were seen smoking in their car.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Dana Woods/Danapine (8:52 p.m.) A man was seen walking around staggering and possibly trying door handles on vehicles.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Pacific Coast Highway, 34100 Block (9:10 p.m.) A man, who reportedly wasn’t making sense, said he feared for his life but couldn’t explain why.

TRAFFIC HAZARD Pacific Coast Highway/El Camino Real (8:35 p.m.) A large boulder was seen partially in the roadway.

HIT-AND-RUN Lighthouse Drive/Surfside Drive (8:20 p.m.) A woman told police another vehicle struck hers before taking off. She said she chased the vehicle but lost sight of it.

PATROL CHECK Ocean Hill Drive, 33300 Block (8:18 p.m.) A caller requested patrol of the neighborhood because their home alarm had gone off multiple times in the past two months and they believed someone would attempt to burglarize their home or a neighbor’s.

VANDALISM IN PROGRESS Camino Las Ramblas/Freeway-5 (7:03 p.m.) Police were called for a man spray painting yellow paint onto construction signs.

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