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Saturday, June 22


Pacific Coast Highway, 33300 Block (9:45 p.m.) Forty juveniles were reported to authorities after they were seen drinking in the bathrooms at Salt Creek Beach.


Del Prado, 24700 Block (9:25 p.m.) A drunken man refused to leave StillWater Spirits & Sounds after hitting another customer. The man was standing by the outdoor bar and was described as having curly blonde hair and wearing a backward hat and flannel shirt.


Pacific Coast Highway, 34200 Block (6:50 p.m.) An older model Mercedes was found with its front window smashed in. The caller reported seeing a sleeping bag in the backseat, but couldn’t tell if anyone was inside. Authorities later confirmed that the vehicle was empty.


Pacific Coast Highway/Crown Valley Parkway (6:07 p.m.) A man driving a white Mercedes was pumping gas at the Chevron station when he slipped and fell. A station attendant became verbally abusive toward the man and wanted him to pay for the pump, because it broke when the man went down.


La Cresta Drive, 24200 Block (5:57 p.m.) A drunken woman was seen stuck in the fence of R.H. Dana Elementary School holding a glass of wine. It was later reported that a passerby helped the woman down from the fence, where she proceeded to pass out in a planter. The intoxicated woman’s young son was riding his bike in the schoolyard while the incident occurred.


Pacific Coast Highway/Street of the Amber Lantern (6:12 p.m.) Dispatch received a call from a man sitting near the bus bench and Rubens Imports, who claimed people leaving a nearby restaurant were trying to kill him. He claimed they were from Norwalk and had guns. Dispatch requested a welfare check on the caller.


Sandcastle Court, 33500 Block (5:54 p.m.) A man called deputies after he got into a verbal argument with his girlfriend’s mother, who was intoxicated. The man said the mother wanted him to leave the residence, but kept preventing him from doing so. Dispatch requested a welfare check because an argument was overheard in the background.


Yacht Drive, 25200 Block (2:11 p.m.) A man called authorities from the Circle K payphone and said he returned home from the beach to find his mother lying on the ground. He said she was pale, but still breathing. The man gave his address before the phone was disconnected. Orange County Fire Authority responded to the scene.


Dana Point Harbor Drive/Street of the Golden Lantern (11:17 a.m.) A woman arrived at Lantern Bay Park for a party but found a family using the picnic benches she reserved through the city. The woman had a permit for her reservation, but the family refused to leave. She requested help to clear the area because a catering company was on the way.


Calle La Primavera, 33700 Block (9:13 a.m.) A man in a gray pickup was seen parked for over an hour. The man was reportedly listening to loud music and occasionally exiting his truck to urinate on the sidewalk.


Thursday, June 21


Crown Valley Parkway/Camino Del Avion (5:26 p.m.) An intoxicated man was seen walking away from Mission Hospital wearing a hospital gown covered in vomit. The man was reportedly trying to walk to his residence. He was later arrested, but released the same day.


Camino Del Avion/Ocean Ranch (1:49 p.m.) A woman was holding a sign on a street corner asking for money. The caller was concerned the sign contained too many words that could be a distraction for drivers.


Ritz Pointe Drive, 0 Block (2:38 a.m.) A man was awakened by the sound of someone pounding on a door and screaming, “I know where you live.” When he looked outside, the caller saw a man standing in the bushes, yelling toward the residence next door.

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