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Saturday, September 28


Placid Harbor, 0 Block (10:02 p.m.) A man witnessed two young adult men checking vehicle door handles in an apartment complex. The witness told authorities the men were wearing backpacks and left the complex on foot.


Ritz Pointe Drive, 0 Block (9:51 p.m.) A man called authorities saying he could hear loud pounding and rolling sounds coming from the apartment unit directly above his. The man did not think the sounds were coming from a fight but said, “Something weird is going on.”


La Serena Drive, 34100 Block (6:57 p.m.) A woman contacted authorities because her neighbor was playing the drums too loudly. The woman said she has mediation papers regarding the drums and said her neighbor was going over their agreed upon time limit.


Del Prado Avenue, 24500 Block (5:27 p.m.) A witness reported a man on a bike for drinking alcohol and selling marijuana.


Del Obispo Street, 33600 Block (4:56 p.m.) The manager of Albertson’s contacted authorities because a family was begging for money and obstructing the store’s entrance to customers. The manager said there were two adults accompanied by two children, one of which was in a stroller.


Elisa Drive/Acapulco Drive (11:04 a.m.) A man called authorities to report an accident. He said a blue BMW had run into his car parked near Dana Hills High School. The caller said the driver parked his car, but then walked away.


Street of the Park Lantern, 25100 Block (4:53 a.m.) A hotel employee requested deputy assistance to evict a drunken man who was reportedly wandering around the hotel, stealing from other rooms and refusing to return to his own room.

Friday, September 27


Street of the Golden Lantern, 33200 Block (10:27 p.m.) A woman called authorities and requested a breathalyzer test on another woman who was asked to leave a court ordered alcohol treatment class for smelling of alcohol. The woman, who was removed from the class, said she had not been drinking.


Via Sacramento, 26500 Block (6:01 p.m.) Orange County Fire Authority officials contacted the sheriff’s department after receiving a report about an unconscious man, who had been complaining about abdominal pains. It was unknown if the man was breathing.

Thursday, September 26


Castano Drive, 33800 Block (9:09 p.m.) A woman called authorities from the East Coast after she received a call from her neighbor in Dana Point saying that someone was in her house. The woman told deputies she suspected it is her son, who had broken into her house. The caller said she didn’t want her son in the house and that he is into drugs.

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