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Friday, August 30


Selva Road, 24400 Block (12:47 a.m.) A patrol check was requested to address loud music coming from a nearby location.


La Plaza, 34100 Block (12:25 a.m.) A man, who appeared to be under the influence of drugs, was seen talking to himself near StillWater Spirits and Sounds. The man was described as being in his late 30s, around 6 feet tall and wearing a white baseball cap, white shorts and a black T-shirt. He was last seen walking southbound on Pacific Coast Highway.

Thursday, August 29


Street of the Green Lantern/Santa Clara Avenue (11:38 p.m.) Loud music was reportedly coming from The Point Restaurant and Bar.


Pacific Coast Highway, 34100 Block (10:48 p.m.) A business owner called deputies after a man, who he believed to be homeless, was yelling to himself along the side wall of the business. The caller said that the man was scaring away customers.


Ritz-Carlton Drive, 0 Block (9:43 p.m.) A woman notified deputies of a man in his 20s standing on the patio of the restaurant and harassing employees and customers. The subject was wearing a blue sweatshirt and khaki pants.


Del Obispo Street/Stonehill Drive (6:52 p.m.) A man in his 60s was seen walking in the middle of the street. The caller reported that the man was possibly intoxicated and was last seen walking on Del Obispo, between Stonehill and Bluefin Drive.


Pacific Coast Highway/Street of the Copper Lantern (5:52 p.m.) A concerned man informed deputies of a drunken man in his 60s walking down the sidewalk. The caller was worried the man would walk out into oncoming traffic.


Pointe Monarch Drive, 0 Block (10:14 a.m.) A property manager discovered a homeless camp set up behind Gelson’s Market but was unsure how many people lived there.


Del Prado Avenue/Street of the Golden Lantern (9:25 a.m.) A man called deputies after he witnessed a man drive in the opposite direction of traffic and then pull into the Harbor House Café parking lot. When the informant asked the driver if he was OK, he replied “yes” and did not seem to be aware that he was driving in the wrong direction down a one-way street. The caller told deputies that the driver was currently sitting in his vehicle but kept pulling in and out of his parking space.


Pacific Coast Highway, 34100 Block (9:01 a.m.) A female employee of Western Pacific Bank called deputies saying a man that looked homeless was talking to himself outside of the bank and was scaring away customers.

Wednesday, August 28


Calle Los Alamos, 26600 Block (9:04 p.m.) A woman reported seeing a man running through her backyard and then jumping over the wall to the left of her residence. She reported that the man got into a dark colored Jeep Cherokee and then headed southbound on Calle Los Alamos.


Castano Drive, 33800 Block (8:42 p.m.) A man called deputies because he believed he saw a man with a gun in a downstairs apartment unit. He said that he went downstairs to check on the woman who lives there. The caller said he looked through the blinds and saw a man wearing a striped sweater holding a gun.


Surfside Drive, 33700 Block (8:16 p.m.) A woman called deputies because her father had just called her saying he had locked himself in a downstairs bedroom after his wife bit him.


El Encanto Avenue/La Cresta Drive (8:13 p.m.) A man dressed as a woman was seen exposing himself to passersby.


Del Prado, 24800 Block (10:15 a.m.) A caller reported a man in his mid-50s, carrying a backpack and wearing a black hat, was making threatening gestures with a green stick.


Vista Corona, 24000 Block (6:20 a.m.) A man with long, dark hair and no shirt was screaming and cursing in a parking lot for more than an hour.

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