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Sunday, January 19


La Plaza, 34100 Block (6:50 p.m.) A patron at a local bar called authorities in fear a fight would break out between rival football fans.


Pacific Coast Highway/Ritz-Carlton Drive (2:50 p.m.) Lifeguards at Salt Creek Beach contacted authorities after two boys in their early teens reported being followed by a camera-wielding man. A man in his 40s with dark hair and wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt, cuffed blue jean pants and carrying a camera on a tripod had followed the young boys and taken pictures of them.


Street of the Golden Lantern, 34600 Block (12:05 p.m.) The driver of a red Cadillac called authorities after a verbal altercation with a valet attendant at the Dana Point Harbor. The caller insisted he could park wherever he wanted.


Del Obispo Street, 33600 Block (10:10 a.m.) Eight men wearing ski caps got out of a white Ford van and entered the Albertsons grocery store. The caller said the men looked suspicious as though they were attempting to avoid the store’s surveillance cameras.


Brookview, 100 Block (8:01 a.m.) A female neighbor was reported standing outside screaming the caller’s name for more than two hours. The woman reportedly entered the caller’s residence but had since left.


Camino El Molino, 34400 Block (2:18 a.m.) Dispatchers heard a woman, who said she hated all men, screaming at a man to “get off her side of the bed” during a phone call before the line disconnected. The pair appeared to be under the influence of drugs.


Dana Point Harbor Drive, 34500 Block (12:46 a.m.) A caller reported being harassed by a woman with orange hair near Baby Beach at the Dana Point Harbor. The caller said he wanted the woman removed, but would not give authorities his information.

Friday, January 17


Evans Pointe, 25500 Block (9:33 p.m.) The caller said a house party spilled out into the street where some drunken partygoers were kicking cars.


Monarch Bay Plaza/Crown Valley Parkway (6:24 p.m.) A male in his 20s and wearing a trucker hat was trying to take liquor from a nearby store, a caller reported.


Street of the Golden Lantern/Dana Point Harbor Drive (4:12 p.m.) Officials were alerted to three drunken female drivers leaving the Dana Point Harbor. A patrol check was requested for three separate vehicles, including a red Mazda, green Honda and white Scion. The driver of the Scion nearly hit another vehicle, the caller said.


Selva Road/Stonehill Drive (3:57 p.m.) An unknown large metal object was reported lying in the middle of the street.


Domingo Avenue, 25900 Block (3:14 p.m.) A patrol check was requested for a group of apparently homeless men and women “hanging around” a local school.


Sea Vista Drive, 25200 Block (2:36 p.m.) Deputies were called to investigate an apparent abandoned car. According to the blotter, this has been an ongoing issue between neighbors and the car is not, in fact, abandoned, but rather registered at the residence in front of which it was parked.


Del Prado Avenue, 24500 Block (10:10 a.m.) The driver of a white Cadillac requested deputy assistance in moving a sleeping homeless woman out of his way. The woman was described as in her 50s, with gray hair and wearing a lime green shirt and black pants.


Forest Hills Court, 0 Block (9:33 a.m.) A property management firm contacted sheriff’s officials after finding the door to a vacant apartment unit open. Deputies were asked to search the premises and secure the open door.


Dana Point Harbor Drive, 34400 Block (7:51 a.m.) Authorities received notice of a drunken incoherent man causing a disturbance. The dispatcher reported hearing someone yelling in the background of the call. The drunken man was said to be in his late 50s with grey hair.

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