Compiled by Sean Robb and Andrea Papagianis

Monday, July 7

DISTURBANCE La Plaza, 24600 Block (5:45 p.m.) A fight between two men spilled into the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce offices when one ran through the front door and out the back.

KEEP THE PEACE Pequito Drive, 34000 Block (4:01 p.m.) Authorities were alerted to a neighbor dispute where the caller said a neighbor continually harassed her by placing dog poop on her driveway.

CITIZEN ASSIST Calle Delores, 26900 Block (3:33 p.m.) The mailman would not deliver the caller’s mail because a neighbor’s car was parked in front of her mailbox.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Puerto Place, 34600 Block (1:55 p.m.) Six men, whom the caller believed to be between 18 and 19 years old, may have been selling drugs in a parking lot.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT-NON INJURY Pacific Coast Highway/Coast Highway (11:05 a.m.) A CR&R trash truck hit the bottom of a train overpass south of the DoubleTree Suites. The truck driver remained on scene.

PETTY THEFT REPORT Pacific Coast Highway, 34100 Block (10:30 a.m.) Two women took two bathing suits from Hobie Surf Shop. They were seen leaving the location in a red Ford Escape.

CITIZEN ASSIST Dana Point Harbor Drive/Pacific Coast Highway (10:17 a.m.) The caller located his stolen bicycle locked to a bike rack. He contacted California State Parks officials who directed him to the Sheriff’s Department. The caller stood by for deputy assistance.

Sunday, July 6

DRUNK IN CAR Monarch Bay Plaza, 0 Block (10:28 p.m.) The driver of a black sedan, whom the caller believed to be drunk, drove over a curb in the Gelson’s Market plaza and proceeded to sit in the car.

DISTURBANCE-MUSIC OR PARTY Calle La Primavera, 33900 Block (10:08 p.m.) A group of people were partying on a balcony and were heard screaming and yelling. A patrolling unit reported it was all quiet in the area less than 20 minutes later.

CITIZEN ASSIST Pointe Sutton, 32700 Block (9:36 p.m.) A man approached the caller’s vehicle and threatened her by knocking a large rock on the car window. The incident occurred earlier in the day, around 4 p.m. on White Sands Street.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Street of the Violet Lantern, 34000 Block (8:23 p.m.) A homeowner, who was out of the country, called authorities after hearing from a neighbor that four unknown males were on his property. Two men reportedly entered the home while the others stood outside.

DISTURBANCE Via Sacramento, 26400 Block (8:19 p.m.) A caller believed two kids were breaking items on the field of Palisades Elementary School. One subject was wearing a white shirt, shorts and long socks. The other was wearing all dark clothing. They were seen leaving the school on skateboards.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Calle Naranja/Calle Juanita (3:58 p.m.) A man sporting camouflage shorts and numerous bandages on his body was going in and out of the bathroom at Sunset Park. The man did this several times.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON IN VEHICLE Stonehill Drive/Del Obispo Street (3:55 p.m.) A caller was concerned about a woman changing her clothing in a grey Toyota parked near Albertsons. The caller suspected the woman was mentally ill.

PATROL CHECK Dana Point Harbor Drive, 24200 Block (2:32 p.m.) A family with many small children appeared to ignore a sign reading “Beach Closed” and headed toward the water anyway. The caller was near the Ocean Institute and was concerned high tide and waves made the beach unsafe.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT-PROSTITUTION Pacific Coast Highway/Dana Point Harbor Drive (8:27 a.m.) A man with a shaved head and wearing dark clothing was believed to be “pimping” a blonde woman in her 20s in the McDonald’s parking lot.

Friday, July 4

DISTURBANCE-MUSIC OR PARTY Aurelio Drive, 34000 Block (9:39 p.m.) Three men were throwing beer at pedestrians and cars passing by.

DISTURBANCE Del Obispo Street, 33500 Block (8:45 p.m.) Eight subjects were in a physical altercation.

FIREWORK VIOLATION Street of the Blue Lantern, 33600 Block (8:40 p.m.) Subjects released Chinese lanterns into the air. The caller was concerned about dry brush in the area.

FOUND CHILD Stonehill Drive/Del Obispo Street (6:35 p.m.) A 5-year-old girl wearing bright yellow shorts and riding a red bike was looking for her mother. The caller was standing by with the child until authorities arrived.

PETTY THEFT Doheny Park Road, 34100 Block (2:38 p.m.) The caller witnessed a man checking the handles of nearby vehicles. When the man found an unlocked door, the caller said he would take items from inside, close the door and walk away.

DISTURBANCE Island Way/Dana Drive (1:52 p.m.) Subjects on the Island Way bridge were dumping water on people below.

DISTURBANCE Dana Point Harbor Drive, 24500 Block (12:42 p.m.) A man drove into a parking lot without permission and ran over an employee’s foot.

DISTURBANCE Beach Road/Pacific Coast Highway (11:12 a.m.) The owner of a recreational vehicle said a man and woman entered her RV and refused to leave.

DISTURBANCE Niguel Shores Drive, 33600 Block (2:32 a.m.) A caller reported loud subjects at the pool after hours.

Thursday, July 3

DISTURBANCE Del Obispo Street/Pacific Coast Highway (7:53 p.m.) A cook and server at Denny’s were reportedly involved in a verbal argument. The caller requested deputy assistance because no manager was on duty and he believed the incident was upsetting customers.

DISTURBANCE Alta Vista Drive, 24400 Block (6:41 p.m.) A drunken caller, who threw his roommate out the day before, said his roommate had returned and was sitting in the living room. No weapons were reported, the caller just wanted the roommate to leave.

DISTURBANCE Mariner Drive, 23700 Block (1:29 p.m.) The caller said an elderly neighbor was “acting up” and harassing other neighbors.

Wednesday, July 2

DISTURBANCE-MUSIC OR PARTY La Paloma, 0 Block (11:06 p.m.) The caller witnessed 10 people jump over a complex’s pool fence and believed they didn’t live in the area. A second call was received 28 minutes later. The caller said the group returned to the pool after deputies left.

DISTURBANCE Street of the Golden Lantern, 34600 Block (8:34 p.m.) A drunken male wearing a blue hoodie, grey pants and red shoes reportedly slammed a waitress against the wall. The man was outside with restaurant employees at the time of the call.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Street of the Park Lantern, 25100 Block (8:19 p.m.)Two men locked themselves in the women’s bathroom for 10 minutes. The men left the bathroom then began tampering with the door.

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