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Saturday, August 24


Pacific Coast Highway, 34200 Block (8:08 p.m.) A group of juveniles entered a store and began yelling. An employee notified deputies and said that the entire group remained outside in the parking lot riding bikes and skateboards.


Ritz Pointe Drive, 0 Block (8:02 p.m.) Three or four men and one woman were seen jumping up and down on top of a carport. The caller told deputies the group could possibly be intoxicated.


Pacific Coast Highway, 34200 Block (3:38 p.m.) A man called deputies and demanded a group of about eight men and women, who he said appeared to be transients, be arrested for loitering on his property. The man told dispatch he was concerned they would all run once they saw deputies.


Pacific Coast Highway, 34100 Block (1:10 p.m.) A woman called deputies from Taco Surf saying her sister had stolen her laptop computer. Dispatch reported that the caller sounded suspicious and acted as if she were intoxicated or high.


Dana Point Harbor Drive, 25000 Block (9:08 a.m.) An employee of Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern called deputies after getting in a verbal argument with the owner of RJ’s Cafe over parking issues.


Street of the Crystal Lantern, 34100 Block (6:51 a.m.) A concerned resident reported a smashed-in upstairs window to deputies. The caller said the trash cans had been out since Monday, which led the caller to believe that the residents are out of town and may have been burglarized.

9-1-1 HANGUP

Dana Point Drive, 24800 Block (3:31 a.m.) Dispatch received a call from a woman who quickly hung up. Upon calling back, the woman picked up the phone stuttering and pleading that “no one comes to the house.” The dispatcher described the woman as being very evasive and ultimately requested deputies perform a welfare check on her.


Monarch Beach Resort, 0 Block (3:13 a.m.) A concerned father reported his 19-year-old son had been served alcohol at a wedding and became intoxicated. The father also said his son had wandered off from the party about an hour and a half prior to the phone call. Security and members of the wedding party were on the grounds looking for him.

Thursday, August 22


Calle Naranja, 34400 Block (9:57 p.m.) A man called deputies after witnessing a recreational vehicle pull into the driveway of a vacant house in his neighborhood. The man said he could see a flashlight inside of the RV and said the driver was not the homeowner.


Sea Terrace Street, 0 Block (9:17 p.m.) A man and a woman were in a verbal confrontation and things were heard thrown around in the residence and a window was smashed.


Brookview, 0 Block (9:11 p.m.) A man called deputies and stated that a friend of his had just broken his window and was last seen on the back porch of the caller’s residence. The friend was described as being 23 years old and wearing a yellow and green jersey.


Pacific Coast Highway, 34300 Block (8:54 p.m.) A man called deputies from Carl’s Jr. and said his friend and father had battered and beaten him. He informed deputies he did not need medical assistance and that he would wait by his Volkswagen GTI until they arrived.


Via Santa Rosa, 34200 Block (7:56 p.m.) A caller told deputies a woman could be heard screaming for help for the last five minutes along with a male yelling. The caller also said that two bangs were heard coming from the mobile home park in the area. It is unknown if the two incidents were related.

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