Raquel Ferrari wins Best of Show Award with original painting in Fountains at Sea Bluffs resident art show

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Raquel Ferrari’s love for beautiful seaside scenery is showcased in each of her many paintings. Photo by Jacob Onofrio

By Jacob Onofrio

Talent sometimes has a funny way of revealing itself in the later years of one’s life.

Raquel Ferrari, 90, a resident of The Fountains at Sea Bluffs in Dana Point, showcased her long untapped talent for painting, winning first prize at the 2015 The Fountains at Sea Bluffs’ Annual Resident Art Show with her piece, “Sea Scape Light Blue” last month.

Raquel discovered her talent and passion for painting at age 70 and has been taking adult art classes and creating her own original works of art ever since.

“Now in my mind, it’s all painting; any place I go I want to paint,” Ferrari said.

Ferrari said her favorite subject to paint is the sea, due to its significant presence in her life. Born and raised in Panama, Ferrari grew up in a home encompassed by the ocean, and she continued the trend after meeting her husband and making permanent residence in Southern California at age 23.

“In Panama we were always surrounded by water,” Ferrari said, “I’ve always loved the ocean.”

In addition to painting seascapes, Ferrari also finds inspiration for paintings in her Jewish heritage.  Photo by Jacob Onofrio
In addition to painting seascapes, Ferrari also finds inspiration for paintings in her Jewish heritage.
Photo by Jacob Onofrio

Raquel’s painting, along with other winning works from the show, have been submitted to Watermark Retirement Communities Inc., The Fountains’ parent company, for a chance to be featured in “Expressions 2016,” a calendar celebrating active aging and the arts.

Runners-up were George Schuetze for “Boats at Twilight,” Janet Mackaig for “Threatening to be Oneself,” Mabel McCormick for “Flying Angel” and Harriet Strand for “Orange Bowl.”

Ferrari moved to The Fountains at Sea Bluffs in April and has since then established herself as a beloved and valued member of the community.

“Ms. Ferrari has incredible energy, joy, love and passion about her. Her paintings and magnificent landscapes have a true beauty about them,” Valerie Udicki, The Fountains’ community life director, said in a post-event press release.

The Fountains at Sea Bluffs offers a variety of weekly art classes where residents can engage in different creative activities such as ceramics and painting.

“The opportunities we offer here are all part of a lifestyle designed to help people thrive as long as they live,” Udicki said. “Our residents prove every day that it’s never too late to learn something new.”

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