Holistic Health and city of Dana Point reach agreement, terms still unknown

By Andrea Papagianis

A settlement has been reached with the owner of Holistic Health, a Dana Point marijuana dispensary that was shut down in 2011, City Attorney Patrick Munoz confirmed Tuesday, but the exact terms of the settlement are still unknown.

The city began its legal fight with medicinal marijuana shops back in 2009. The city alleged local pot shops were in violation of the city’s zoning ordinances, and questioned whether or not dispensaries were in compliance with state law, which currently bars dispensaries from operating as for-profit businesses.

Holistic Health was red-tagged and shuttered in 2011. The city was awarded $2.68 million by an Orange County Superior Court judge in May of that year, but Garrison Williams, former owner of the dispensary, carried the case to the 4th District Court of Appeals, which ruled in his favor and found there were facts remaining to be tried.

According to the superior court docket, a notice of settlement was filed on August 13 with a hearing for dismissal scheduled for Monday, September 23. As of press time, the required request for dismissal was not filed, meaning the parties could appear in court next week. If no appearances are made, the court will drop the case in its entirety.

Stay tuned for updates.

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