By Andrea Swayne

The second round of Dana Point City Council candidates’ finance disclosures were filed on Oct. 23 giving an updated look at their campaigns as Nov. 4 Election Day nears.

Here is a partial list of donors to the nine candidates vying for three open seats on the council.

To view all of the candidate filings posted to the city website, click here. Click on “1st Preelection” and “2nd Preelection” for each candidate, to view all reports.

Alan Wickstrom’s statements showed $17,418 in donations. His largest came from Byram Healthcare CEO Larry Thacker, in the amount of $1,350. William and Elizabeth Bammattre (together) and Joseph Scala who each gave $690. He also received a number of $500 donations, including one from Headlands Reserve LLC. Wickstrom also contributed $2,850 to his own campaign via a combination of personal funds and through his business, BuildingOnline, Inc.

Chuck Rathbone has received a total of $10,250, funding the entire campaign himself.

Ryan Divel’s contributions total $5,934, of which $5,133 came in the form of loans to himself. His largest donor was Judith D. Gossen, who gave $500.

Harold Kaufman lists a total of $13,312. He received nine $690-dollar donations, among them were contributions from Luxe Restaurant owner Cindy Monroe, Assemblywoman Diane Harkey, Scala and Bamattre. Kaufman contributed $1,188.

Jody Payne has received $7,947. Aside from her own $3,060, her top donors are Scott Schoeffel and Deann Mercer, who each gave $690.

Joe Muller reported $38,270 in contributions, including $5,000 to himself, 21 at $690 each and $500 each from Headlands Reserve LLC and DP Strand 119 LLC.

Nancy Jenkins has received $20,958, including $13,000 from herself. Her largest outside contributor was listed at California Real Estate PAC and Richard Dietmeier, each giving $690.

John Tomlinson reported receipts of $26,098.67, $16,950 of which came from himself. He also received $500 each from Headlands Reserve and DP Strand 118 LLC.

Richard Viczorek has brought in $12,838. Among his donors are Headlands Reserve, with $500 and DP Strand 101 LLC.

The DP Strand LLCs all have ties to managing member Barry Tsai, of DP Strand Development LLC.

The final candidate disclosure statement is due after the Nov. 4 election.

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