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After reviewing eight requests for proposals submitted to the city, San Juan Capistrano officials recently announced the selection of consultant Spohn Ranch to work on the conceptual design for a future skatepark at the San Juan Capistrano Sports Park.

Spohn Ranch founder Aaron Spohn has been working with the city of San Juan on skatepark ideas since 2006, when building a skatepark was first listed as a city priority. Nathan Banda, a member of the subcommittee on the park, said Spohn Ranch’s RFP “really showed their dedication” to the project and community outreach.

WHAT’S NEXT: Interested parties will have opportunities to provide their input at workshops in the near future—exact dates, times and location to be determined. Banda said the goal is to have a design completed in about two months.

At a previous Council meeting, San Juan Capistrano Mayor Pro Tem Kerry Ferguson said “a design created to the city’s specifications and approved by the City Council will give confidence to potential donors, including the city of Dana Point, that they will be donating to a demonstrable program.”

For more information on skatepark progress and future meetings, call the city’s Community Services Department at 949.443.6388, follow Capistrano Grind Skatepark on Facebook or email Banda at nathan@capistranogrindskatepark.org.

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