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The San Juan Creek Trail and bikeway along the west side of the San Juan Creek flood control channel is expected to re-open soon, as construction crews will be finishing the improvements to the levee on the west side. This will mark the completion of construction along the west side, while crews will continue performing levee improvements along the east side of the San Juan Creek flood control channel. The anticipated completion of the overall project is unavailable until the remaining east side levee improvements finish between Stonehill Drive and Camino Capistrano. Current project work days are Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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  • It would be great if after the construction is completed that the county and city of San Juan Capistrano would invest some beautification efforts such as hardscape/ landscaping on the land beside the bikeway. Map 33.483936, -117.676502 

    Prior to this construction project (and currently) the land was weeds and rutty dirt. Not at all a welcoming site and a jarring contrast to the view and river trail entrances of the Dana Point. section.

    The area could easily hold a pocket park like the county has done on the Santa Ana river. It could be a place for way finding signage and historical sign boards on Juaneño, or flora and fauna, a bicycle repair station, a rock garden with some statues or mission motif’s welcoming visitors at the town’s alternate entrance..

    It has been a neglected area for years, It could be a point of interest halfway between the mission and the beach.

comments (1)

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