By Rachael Mattice

Everyday lifestyle choices may not seem to have much of an impact on others or the environment, but even personal decisions such as where to dispose of large furniture items, electronics or biodegradable compost can have long-term consequences on our natural surroundings.

Putting in the extra effort to rid your home and life of these items responsibly can hold a lot of weight. Here are a few call-to-eco-actions.

Dispose: South Orange County customers of CR&R Environmental Services are entitled to four bulky item pick-ups—such as a chair, couch or old refrigerator—free of charge per calendar year. Contact the local office to make arrangements for pick-ups at The city of Dana Point also has tri-annual bulky drop-off days at Dana Hills High School. Visit www.danapoint.orgfor the 2018 dates. Take any hazardous waste to a site such as Prima Descheca Landfill, located at 32250 La Pata Ave., San Juan Capistrano.

Reuse: Bring your own bag to the grocery store and repurpose any plastic bags. Don’t forget that plastic bags now cost 10 cents at local stores.

Compost: Green/organics carts are available from CR&R to discard of any organic materials such as yard clippings or old food items like fruits, bread, meats and dairy. Visit for more information.

Read the Labels: Purchase products made, or packaged, with recycled materials such as paper plates, beverage cartons, office supplies and even clothing.

Check out for more responsible recycling tips.

Read more of the 2018 Green Issue HERE:

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