By Eric Heinz

California Rep. Darrell Issa, who represents the 49th congressional district introduced a bill on Jan. 12 that would amend the Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act to regulate sober living homes, residences that provide treatment for people with drug and alcohol addictions.

The bill arose from local discussions in Issa’s district after people insisted legislation needed to be done, saying that residences have caused a nuisance in their neighborhoods for years.

In San Clemente, some people have taken to protest the establishment of sober living homes.

The bill’s summary is still being put together for public view, according to the U.S. Congressional website, but based on meetings with Issa in San Clemente, the law will likely contain text requiring operators of sober living homes to obtain a license, have permanent staff members on site at all times and adhere to other requirements. So far, five California Republican members of congress have co-sponsored the bill along with one Massachusetts Democratic congressman.

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  • You incorrectly stated that sober living home provide treatment. They do not. They only [provide a sober environment, and are actually prohibited from providing treatment without getting a separate license for that purpose. Some treatment centers do offer sober living homes, but their treatment is not at the home.

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