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A public workshop will be held by the Dana Point Planning Commission to consider a “2019 Zoning Ordinance Clean Up,” on Monday, July 8 at 4:30 p.m. The workshop will be held in the Public Works Conference Room at City Hall, 33282 Golden Lantern, Dana Point.

There is a zone text amendment to various sections of the zoning ordinance to clarify portions of the code to better assist the public.

“All persons interested in the 2019 Zoning Code Update are invited to present their views on the above referenced project to the Commission at workshop,” states the city’s courtesy notice of the public workshop.

According to the workshop’s report, zoning ordinance “code cleanups” should be conducted on a regular basis to update and clarify various requirements within the Code. This practice ensures Zoning Ordinance requirements are accurate, relevant, and consistent with State law. “The goal of this workshop is to introduce discussion items for the 2019 Zoning Ordinance cleanup, take public comments, and receive feedback from the Planning Commission,” the report states.

Staff will lead a roundtable discussion, introduce the discussion items and receive Planning Commission comments. Public comments will then take place and, afterward, the commissioners will be able to provide additional feedback and comments to staff.

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