U.S. Postal Service initial relocation approval means the Dana Point location could move, but limited city space may stand in the way

By Andrea Papagianis

After receiving initial approval, the post office in Dana Point might move.

But finding an 11,000 square foot space, with adequate parking for customers, postal employees and delivery vehicles could force the office—at the heart of the city—to stay put, said U.S. Postal Service spokesman Richard Maher.

Last week, the U.S. Postal Service approved the possible relocation of the office, at 24551 Del Prado Ave., as part of the mail provider’s efforts to “right size” their operations, Maher said. The current location—about 18,000 square feet—has more space than what is needed.

At a public meeting last month, representatives said the mail carrier’s current financial situation prompted efforts to downsize facilities nationwide.

Facing a $15.9 billion loss in fiscal year 2012, the Postal Service is attempting to cut operational costs by consolidating facilities, said Diana Alvarado, manager of property management, at the meeting. Downsizing the Dana Point facility would save the Postal Service $52,000 annually, Alvarado said.

The Postal Service accepted public feedback on the proposed move for about one month. The comments were considered by officials in Washington D.C., who approved the first step in the relocation process. Maher said there was little community opposition to the move after customers were assured service would not be compromised.

No movement on relocating will be made until after an appeals period closes on May 17.

Once the appeals period ends and concerns have been addressed, the Postal Service can begin marketing its current property and looking at potential facilities for relocation, Maher said.

If further approval is not given, or a large enough space is not found, the current post office location will remain.

“If stars don’t align we could stay where we are,” Maher said.

For the time being, current location operations and services will remain unchanged, Maher said. If a move happens there will be no break in service. The Postal Service has no timeline for a potential move, he said.


Those wanting to weigh in on the possible relocation can appeal the Postal Service’s decision in writing. Letters must be postmarked by May 17, and mailed to:

Vice President, Facilities

Facilities Implementation

1300 Evans Ave., Suite 200

San Francisco, CA 94188-0200



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