By Kristina Pritchett

A recent letter from Poseidon Water, a major water project developer, was sent to South Coast Water District (SCWD) with interest in entering a public-private partnership (P3) for the Doheny Ocean Desalination Project.

In August, the board approved to begin an environmental impact report on the project, which could cost anywhere from $88 million to $185 million depending on size and capacity.

Poseidon claims the P3 makes financial sense for the district.

“The P3 delivery method would shift the cost responsibility of the project to the P3 proponent during development and construction, while the District will only pay for water once it is delivered,” the letter said.

Poseidon currently has a facility in Carlsbad and are planning another in Huntington Beach. Both have drawn concerns from environmentalists.

SCWD board of directors will consider the partnership at a future meeting, but officials say they are still considering many other options.


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