By Kristina Pritchett

Despite community support, the Planning Commission voted unanimously on April 10 in favor of upholding a recommendation prohibiting RV storage at a Capistrano Beach property.

A community development director determined recreational vehicle storage use is a prohibited use within the community commercial/vehicular district zone and major automotive repair use is a prohibited use within the transportation corridor district zone at the properties in question: 25802 and 25831 Victoria Boulevard.

During public comment, customers who store their RVs at the property said it would be “inconvenient” if they had to find a new location for their RVs.

Vice Chairman Scott McKann said he wished the issue never came up because it was a difficult decision, but the Commission had to follow the rules of the zoning codes.

Director of Community Development Ursula Luna-Reynosa said if the city allowed for the use in one area of the city, that zone would have to be changed throughout the city.

The property owners have the option of appealing the commission’s decision to City Council, but must do so by April 25.

Luna-Reynosa said the next steps would be up to the property owners. She said they would need to decide how they will move forward and bring their property into compliance.

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