By Kristina Pritchett

The Planning Commission unanimously approved a project which will allow the construction of two detached duplexes despite the public’s concerns.

On Monday, June 26, Capistrano Beach residents voiced their concerns regarding a new project along Via Verde during the Commission’s meeting.

Many said they believed the yards were not good areas for children to play in, but Commissioners reminded the public they had to look at the project and not consider who could move into the property but rather if the zoning met the requirements.

The project originally was tabled by the Commission last summer and they gave staff direction to work with the applicant on the architecture and parking. Now, it will consist of four dwelling units, each with four bedrooms.

Members of the public told the Commission there are currently parking issues in that area and said the properties would be too dense.

“There’s a lot of speculation of who might live there, but that’s not for us to decide,” said Vice-Chair Scott McKhann. “The project, in my opinion, has been thoughtfully designed and I find it meets the code.”

To read the staff report, click here.

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