The seventh annual Dana Point Lobster Fest returned to the sands at Doheny State Beach Saturday evening for food, music and games.

The Monarch Beach Sunrise Rotary Club hosted the annual event where more than 700 tickets were sold. Proceeds from the event benefited Make-A-Wish, Boys & Girls Club, Dana Point 5th Marine Support Group and more.

Staff members from San Pedro Fish Market cooked hundreds of lobsters for the guests while bands such as Flashback Heart Attack and the Beach Buzzards played on a stage. On the grass, casino games were set up, and raffle tickets were sold for various prizes.

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  • Why not try something humane instead, like a VegFest? Lobsters feel pain just as we do. When left in peace, they can live to be around 100 years old. They recognize other individual lobsters, and take long seasonal journeys each year, often traveling for hundreds of miles. Elder lobsters help guide young lobsters across the ocean floor by holding their claws in a line that can stretch for many yards. To break these animals apart or boil them alive is heartless. We have vegan options.

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