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Bikers of all ages filled the streets of Dana Point on Sunday for the 11th annual Dana Point Grand Prix of Cycling.

Throughout the day there were races for men and women, and the kids, BMX demonstrations, the first OCTA Bike Festival and more.

Below is the winners in each race:

CRIT Men Cat 5: Gold- Trevor Lien; Silver- Conrad Hindert; Bronze- Elijah Baker

CRIT Men Masters 55+ Cat 1/2/3/4: Gold-Marvin Hall; Silver- Anthony Reguero; Bronze- David Mack

CRIT Men Masters 60+ Cat 1/2/3/4: Gold- Malcom Hill; Silver- Thomas Gates; Bronze-Rodney Malloy

CRIT Men Masters 30+ Cat 3/4: Gold- Alistair Miller; Silver-Matthew Easter; Bronze-James Esser

CRIT Women Cat 3/4: Gold- Zoe Ta Perez; Silver- Makayla Macpherson; Bronze- Mia Cheeseman

CRIT Women Cat 5: Gold- Brianna Pezo; Silver- Taylor Anderson; Bronze- Melissa Ortega

CRIT Men Masters 45+ Cat 1/2/3: Gold- Tommy Robles; Silver- John McKinley, Bronze-Aaron Levin

CRIT Men Masters 50+ Cat 1/2/3: Gold- David Marietti, Silver- Aron Gadhia; Bronze- Josh Gruenberg

CRIT Men Cat 3: Gold- Osvaldo Mora; Silver- Kevin Barker; Bronze- David Kennedy

CRIT Men Cat 2: Gold- Greg Romero; Silver- Juan Garibay; Bronze- Randy Nelson

CRIT Men Cat 4: Gold- Nicholas Jepson; Silver- Omar Audelo; Bronze-Seth Totten

CRIT Men Masters 35+ Cat 1/2/3: Gold- Kayle Leogrande; Silver- Charon Smith; Bronze- Chad Moston

CRIT Women Cat Pro-1-2: Gold-Kendall Ryan; Silver-Elizabeth Williams; Bronze-Mandy Heintz

CRIT Men Cat Pro-1: Gold-Justin Williams; Silver- Scott Law; Bronze- Karl Menzies

For a full list of cyclists, click here.

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