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There were cowbells, signs, flowers and, of course, the graduates on Thursday afternoon as Dana Hills High School’s Class of 2016 made their way down to the football stadium during the commencement ceremony.

All around the seniors, family members, friends, neighbors and classmates cheered as each senior’s name was called and they received their diploma.

Principal Jason Allemann led the ceremonies, and gave a tearful goodbye to the Class of 2016. He recalled memories of them walking in the school for the first time as freshman, to a multi-hour lockdown, to roaming the halls as juniors to finally partaking in all the senior activities.

Cole E. Smith, the Scholar of Scholars led the commencement speeches, followed by Claire O’Melveny, and Meral El Naboulsy.

Smith told the audience he could always rely on Dana students to be kind, something the students have a lot of pride in.

“Throughout my years at Dana Hills, I’ve come to appreciate the school because of its certain uniqueness,” Smith said. “As a school stereotyped by its proximity to the beach and large number of blonde haired students, I was surprised to find that Dana Hills breaks away from nearly every mold I expected it to fit into.”

Senior Class President Skylar Blue Clifford led the students of turning of the tassel, as presented the class’ gift as a school crest which will displayed in the school.

The ceremony ended with mortarboards in the air and doves soaring above the graduates.

Look for the special graduation edition inside the June 17, issue.

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