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Photos and Text by Kristina Pritchett

It was a homecoming show for Andrew McMahon on Thursday, Aug. 17 when he performed at Salt Creek Beach Bluff Park as part of OC Parks’ summer concert series.

The grass area was filled with people, and dogs, as the sun began to set and music filled the air. With the ocean as the backdrop, guests listened to Shelter & Grace open for Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.

Both bands have local ties to the city and Dana Hills High School and both mentioned the city’s school more than once.

Shelter & Grace’s lead singer, Erland Wanberg, told the audience he worked for Danman’s Music School which is where he met Grace, the keyboardist.

As McMahon performed “Shot out of a Cannon” and “Dark Blue” people waved their hands and sang along.

Brian Ireland, who played alongside McMahon in Something Corporate, played the drums during a song on Thursday night.

McMahon reminisced of their Battle of the Band days in the Mall at Dana Hills.

The next OC Parks concert will be Thursday, Aug. 24. Family Style and Tijuana Dogs will perform.

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