By Daniel Ritz

Earlier this month, local parents formed the Palisades Elementary Education Foundation, otherwise known as the Palisades Wave Foundation (PWF), a 501(c)(3) all volunteer nonprofit. The goal of PWF is to enhance the quality of our local children’s education through donations and fundraising activities that often cannot be done via traditional PTA fundraising methods.

On March 19, the inaugural funding ceremony was held at Palisade Elementary where the very first check was given by Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) Trustee Amy Hanacek. The initial generous donor list also included Andy Bonin and Cameron Steele from the new local business, Baja HQ, Erin and Chris Adams, Camille Brandt, Lisa Russel and Ann Worthington.

“We thank our parents who are the founding members of the Palisades Wave Foundation for their countless hours and commitment to help improve Palisades School, and the community members that have already made donations,” stated Palisades Principal Curt Visca.

Opening in 1961, Palisades Elementary School is the oldest school in Dana Point and the only public school in Capistrano Beach.

PWF’s first public event to help funding for technology, programs and activities that would otherwise be unavailable to our children at Palisade Elementary, will be in April. More information can be seen on

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