By Lillian Boyd

The California Real Estate Political Action Committee (CREPAC) and the Dana Point Taxpayers Association reported last month about a combined total of $25,000 that went toward mailers to support a slate of candidates while opposing another in the 2018 Dana Point City Council election.

CREPAC reported expenditures for mailers in the month of October that either supported candidates Richard Viczorek, Joseph Muller or Jamey Federico. The total money spent, according to the 496 Independent Expenditure Reports available on at press time, totaled more than $15,000.

The Dana Point Taxpayers Association reported spending more than $10,000 on mailers that opposed the candidacies of Charles Payne, Mark McGinn and Joe Jaeger. More than half of that money was dedicated to the mailers opposing Payne, a candidate for District 3. He faces Federico on the ballot on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Both are political newcomers in the only district race that does not have a candidate that formerly or currently sits on council.

The Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs Independent Expenditure Committee reported spending nearly $10,000 on mailers that supported Federico last month.

At press time, there were no organizations listed on the City of Dana Point website reporting 496 Independent Expenditure Reports in support of candidates Charles Payne, Mark McGinn, Joe Jaeger, Scott Schoeffel or Amy Foell.

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