By Daniel Ritz

Investigators from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Economic Crimes Unit, in conjunction with the United States Secret Service, have arrested Daniel Lee Case, 49, Dana Point,  on suspicion of running a forced sale fraud scheme at multiple business resulting in an estimated multi-million dollar loss.

Case was arrested at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018, in Dana Point at astorage facility in Dana Point. He subsequently was booked into Orange County jail.

Case is accused of going into several local businesses in Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties and
convincing the merchants to use a forced sale method on their Point of Sale (POS) terminal to complete the
sale transactions. Forced sale fraud refers to a scam in which the suspect uses a counterfeit/invalid/dormant
credit card and bypasses typical authorizations by having the merchants “force” the transactions through their
POS terminals.

In several reported incidents, Case fraudulently purchased vehicles, jewelry, high-end watches, computers,
cellular phones, tablets, TVs, expensive dinners and motorcycles.

The current reported overall loss is approximately $1 million. These losses occurred over a period of nine
months, and it is believed the actual amount of fraudulent transactions may be in excess of $3 million.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office has filed a complaint against Case alleging the following charges:
26 counts of CPC 487 – grand theft,
18 counts of CVC 10851(a) – vehicle theft
3 counts of CPC 664-487(a) – attempted grand theft
CVC 664-10851(a) – attempted vehicle theft
CPC 470(d) – forgery
CPC 530.5(a) – identity theft
CPC 484i(c) – access card counterfeiting
CPC 484i(b) – access card forgery
CPC 484g(b) – fraudulent use of an access card

Anyone who has been a victim of Daniel Case or knows the whereabouts of the stolen merchandise is
encouraged to contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Department at 714.647.7486. Anonymous tips may also be
submitted to Orange County Crime Stoppers at 855.TIP.OCCS.


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