SURFER Magazine, a long-standing Southern California-based surf culture publication, recently named San Clemente it’s No. 6 best surf town in the United States in its Top 10.

“There’s a particular breakfast spot where every surfer in town eventually eats after a dawn patrol, hair still dripping wet, with the menus promoting various combinations of eggs all named after local surf spots, as if the ‘T-Street’ is any better than the ‘Riviera,’” the review stated. “Most importantly, in all happy surf towns, every real local believes the same unanimous lie that sometimes, just sometimes, their homebreak can get as good as the best break on the entire planet.”

The list was compiled after extensive research into the various towns’ surf culture, quality of life, surf breaks and other factors.

“There’s a reason why the likes of Jordy Smith, Filipe Toledo and Yadin Nicol (to name a few) all moved to San Clemente out of anywhere in America,” the article stated. “Well, actually a few reasons. 1) Lower Trestles. 2) Close enough to LAX; 3) Far away enough from LA; 4) Did we mention Lowers? Quiet little San Clemente, sitting at the bottom of Orange County, halfway between LA and San Diego, actually has a lot more to offer than the A-frame on the other side of the tracks.” —Staff

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