James Makshanoff, left, the city manager of San Clemente, receives a check for $20,000 from Julia Darden of San Clemente Pier Pride on Sunday, May 7, at the Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar. Photo: Courtesy of Dakota Ruiz

San Clemente

Pier Pride, an organization committed to the welfare of the San Clemente Pier, donated $20,000 to the city of San Clemente on Sunday, May 7.

“This is the first big thing we’ve been able to do,” said Jim Nielsen, a member of the group.

Nielsen said the money goes to the painting of the Pier, and an anonymous donor gave $50,000 to $60,000 worth of labor for the job.

“Now we’re looking at significant things, if we can get them rolling,” Nielsen said. “We’ve moved on to better cleaning and figuring out how to clean the filth at the end of the Pier.”

Nielsen said the organization is looking to put on an event sometime in June to showcase to potential “major sponsors” as well as continue to work with local design business RSM Design. For more information, visit www.pierpride.org. —Eric Heinz

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