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Perspire Sauna Studio, an infrared sauna franchise, is now operating in Dana Point after opening its doors on Monday, Nov. 16, marking the sixth location to open in the state of California.

Located at Monarch Bay Plaza, the 1,500-square-foot studio will hold 10 all-private, custom infrared saunas, each having the capability to hold either single-, double- or triple-person capacity.

Maria Kirgan is the franchisee for the Dana Point location. She says that several years ago, she was working as a technology executive, putting her health on the back burner. That quickly changed when faced with a life-altering diagnosis of breast cancer.

“While treatment was challenging, I fully recovered from the cancer, but can confidently say that infrared sauna sessions significantly helped me with my recovery,” Kirgan said.

Kirgan switched gears professionally and decided to invest in wellness treatment even further.

“My hope is that Perspire in Dana Point can complement wellness routines and impact other people’s lives, just as it did mine,” Kirgan said.

Kirgan says Perspire Sauna Studio combines a centuries-old practice with modern-day science and technology to provide guests a holistic, full-body health and wellness alternative that complements and supports the active and healthy lifestyle. Benefits reportedly range from detoxification, weight loss, alleviating pain, enhanced immunity, clearer skin, improved sleep and relaxation.

“A visit to Perspire feels like a relaxing retreat, where guests can unwind with personalized entertainment, all while experiencing the healing benefits of the infrared sauna experience,” Kirgan said.

Sessions are typically 40 minutes, and walk-ins are always welcome, Kirgen said. Upon entering Perspire, guests are greeted with a consultation with a Perspire Sauna Studio team member and taken back to a private sauna room, outfitted with the ability to choose your temperature, entertainment and color light therapy colors, ensuring a multisensory experience. In addition, cooling towels infused with eucalyptus are provided after each session for maximum cooldown and comfort.

Perspire Sauna offers varying affordability plans, encouraging guests to add an infrared sauna experience to their regular health and wellness routines. The “Revive Plan” is $49 per month and includes two infrared sauna sessions. The “Relax Plan” is $69 per month, which includes four infrared sauna sessions. In addition, the “Reset Plan” is $119 per month and includes eight infrared sauna sessions. Lastly, the “Detox Plan” is $159 per month and offers unlimited infrared sauna sessions. Single walk-in sessions are $39 for the infrared sauna experience, with an introductory $20 single session available for new guests.

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